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LETTERS / Focus on Education, Not Taking Away Other Students’ Right to Pray

Dear Editor,

Prayer in school has been a highly discussed topic in our generation especially living here in the “Bible Belt”, As we continue to dispute this issue we are seeing a divide among children in our school system. We have those that pray and those that don’t, the believers and the non-believers, perhaps it has always been this way but now we can see the divide greater then ever.

Recently a high school in Wilkesboro North Carolina held an optional assembly and in the assembly the speaker spoke about God at times and even though it wasn’t a religious event the school and community falls under persecution for allowing a man to speak religion in side the walls of an education building. Here is my issue, in July Governor Pat McCrory signed a law into effect that would protect religious freedoms of students in schools.

The law was to allow students the freedom to choose to pray on their own, in groups, aloud, or in silent when they choose too. It seems that even though this law is in effect when a public high school choose to push the boundaries they came under fire from anti-religious groups, community members, and outraged students. I personally support the high schools choice to hold an optional assembly and I think the key word is optional. Students were not forced but were once again given the choice to utilize their religious freedom in a group.

I propose people become more educated about the laws before throwing up their arms in outrage. I propose we allow our future generations the religious freedom that we were allowed as young American students. I propose we stop trying to make everyone conform to one way of life and let everyone find what fits them the best whether its Christian, Atheist, or any other way of life.

Schools need to focus on education and stop worrying about taking away the rights of individual children simply because they don’t agree with everyone else. Our nation was founded on the ideals of religious freedom without persecution. Our constitution supports and our school boards need to start!


Alyssa Johnson

Appalachian State University
Sigma Alpha Omega Christian Sorority