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LETTERS / Do You Live in a Police State?

Dear Editor,

“Homeland” was a word I never heard America called before 9/11.  Who sang “My homeland, ‘tis of thee, sweet land of liberty”?  “Homeland” sounds like a word the Nazis or Soviets used.

We police ourselves. We’re told we participate while we’re trained to accept orders from the sergeant, “boss” or “leader”. We’re told it’s great to stand for ourselves but attacked for doing so. We accept illusions we know are lies because to do otherwise isn’t acceptable. 

“Our government” regularly reduces the freedoms identified by the Bill of Rights.  How many mass murderers failed a firearm background check?  Laws don’t stop criminals. “Our government” has banned troublesome books and creates “free speech zones”. Several other amendments have been ignored for some time.

All police states have the illusion of elections including the fantasy of choices. A police state supports corporation interests preventing “consumers” from joining a union for fear of being fired. If government can rob one person, it will rob everyone.

America’s imaginary “freedoms” are displayed with police attacks on unarmed and non-violent citizen protesters with pepper spray and clubs. Only a police state would force pregnant prisoners to deliver their babies while in chains.

You might imagine a police state once discovering America has a quarter of the worlds incarcerated. Many of them are in prison for victimless “crimes” and are sexually assaulted. These inmates often work for a dollar a day, in for profit corporate prisons, making things our unemployed could.

Police states permit the “leader” to create laws allowing him to arrest citizens and put them in prison indefinitely without charge, legal counsel, or trial before a jury of their peers. Murder of Americans without due process, based upon accusations, isn’t challenged. “Our government” openly monitors all of our communications, and has abandoned legal protections against abuses of rogue government.

You suspect you live in a police state when the five sided clubhouse on the Potomac spends trillions of borrowed dollars for killing machines to control the planet using our 2,000 military bases, terrifying the world with our WMD. The pentagon spends more for war than the rest of the world, while claiming its attacks on other countries are for peace and order. Some “consumers” believe that crap.

“Our government” acts like a police state in attacking small countries accused of having a “WMD” while it possesses uncountable numbers of them. A police state punishes whistle-blowers, like Bradley Manning who exposed one American massacre of Iraqi civilians. Remember Mi Lai? What it can do to one person it will do to anyone.

A police state would spy on citizens using the FBI, DHS, CIA, and others, for unapproved political opinions. You’re forbidden from flying on suspicion of “terrorism” that isn’t proven and is impossible for you to challenge. Those agencies access your medical records, bank records, “private” papers, record your phone calls, question your neighbors, employer and follow you around.

Here in happy valley we still experience the reasonable historic past of policing though I suspect they also have an RV ala the movie; Die Hard. So far we haven’t seen SWAT raids for traffic violations, or other nonsense, with “accidental deaths”, as happens in many other parts of our “free homeland”. Google; wrong address SWAT raids for more.

Is it a police state when people speak of your “courage” for writing bout “our governments” activities when you have good legal reasons not to be afraid of free speech? One person standing up and pointing out wrongs helps others do the same, investigating the illusions we aren’t supposed to challenge.

“Our leaders” want you to join their tyranny; to participate in your slavery. A way out is to insist on freedom and refuse consent. Recognize that to be free you must allow others to be free; when one person is tyrannized, we all are. Defend the rights of those with different views. Our mythology tells us we can speak our mind to those in power, especially in public, and not be limited to some “free speech zone” hidden in an alley. Respect the rights of others and your rights will have more support when you exercise them.

The Founders couldn’t have imagined today’s American law enforcement where police teams, dressed and armed like soldiers, break into private homes in the middle of the night on suspicion of mind-altering drugs being present. Cops are public servants. Their job is to keep the peace while protecting and observing our constitutional rights. Somewhere in the course of always declaring war on things, we’ve forgotten that. Public officials have been arming, training, and dressing cops as if they’re fighting a war. They’ve been dehumanizing drug offenders and criminal suspects and they’ve clearly told cops they’re fighting a war. It shouldn’t be surprising that the cops believe it.

Those who think this an “insane conspiracy theory” must now explain the indefinite detention and rendition provisions of the NDAA, the government use of surveillance drones in our skies, BroncoBama’s assassination list which includes American citizens and the push for gun registration and confiscation which is beginning.

We’re one calamity away from a total police state. All the powers are in place. It’s only a matter of time. “We are a nation of cop lovers and soldier sniffers.” – George Carlin.

Craig Dudley