LETTERS / Disgruntled Tourist Over Parking Fine in Downtown Boone

Published Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 10:08 am

Dear Editor,

I stayed in Blowing Rock last week on Friday night. at the Meadowbrook. We went shopping  in Boone on Saturday afternoon.. We fed the parking meter for several hours. We shopped at the Old World Galleries, the CD/Record shop and the boot store. I sent my son back to put several more quarters in the meter. When we returned to the car we had expired by 15 Minutes and had a $12 ticket.

Just in case the City Fathers and Mothers care, we spent about $1500 during our two hour excursion. You can ask the folks at Old World Galleries, they will remember (bought a beautiful estate sale Australian Opal pendant on a gold chain.

My point is what do they expect to gain by harassing tourists on the weekend? I would also guess the salary of the meter person exceeds the proceeds. Seems like penny wise pound foolish.

It should be free parking on the weekend.

Disgruntled Tourist,

Mike Nettrour

Autryville, NC


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