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LETTERS / Demand Universal Healthcare at Rep. Mark Meadows Town Hall on April 23

Dear Editor,

April 23 – mark the day. April 23 is the day that Congressional District 11 sends a message to Representative Mark Meadows: “The battle being fought over ‘repeal and replace’ will never be acceptable to your constituents, Congressman. We do not share that mean-spirited indifference to the needs of our neighbors.” Undoubtedly, the Affordable Care Act is not perfect, but it improved the lives of millions.

April 23 will be the day Congressional District 11 holds a Town Hall to publicly demand Representative Meadows end the battle over ‘Repeal and Replace”; to publicly demand he support “Medicare for All”; to publicly declare that we have a qualified challenger for his seat in Congress, one who will represent all the people when elected.

The power of the people is in its unity, its indivisibility. We need your voice to add its power, indivisibly, to ours. Go to www.facebook.com/events/399504220420310/ for information about joining this historic event- the day we took back our government. Come experience this day and exercise your First Amendment right to free speech, to assemble peacefully, and to petition our government for redress of our grievances. You have been taken for granted for too long. Make it end now.

David Williams

Cedar Mountain, NC