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LETTERS / ‘Deer Crossing’ Sign Needed Along N.C. 105 in Foscoe

Dear Editor,

Yesterday I was driving through Foscoe and saw a dead deer lying by the road. I had seen it there earlier in the day but now about 100 feet away I saw a baby deer laying by the road.

My heart sank and my eyes welled-up and I decided to go back and make sure the baby wasn’t still alive. As I pulled up another woman had already pulled over to do the same. We both checked for a heart-beat. Unfortunately the baby was dead and it felt like the incident had just recently happened.

We decided to move him/her from the shoulder of the road to avoid any further injury to the poor little thing. I know it is sometimes very hard to avoid an animal darting out into the road but if we slow down a little and WATCH for them coming out of the woods MAYBE we could avoid as many being killed.

And if you do hit an animal PLEASE STOP and see if the animal can be saved! We should be reminded often to take care and be alert on the road, just as we are in the spring each year when we’re reminded to be patient with tourists and bicyclists on the road.

I also would like to see Deer signs posted all along Hwy 105.

There are NONE at this time!

Thank you to Christine Copeland who stopped to try and help the baby. You’re an example to all of us!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my letter and please pass the word.

Tracy Adolphson,
Banner Elk/Watauga County resident