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LETTERS / Dear Citizens of Blowing Rock

Dear Editor and Citizens of Blowing Rock,

            Over the past several weeks, the citizens of Blowing Rock have heard about  many of the issues facing our town, now and in the near future. All, of which, are very important to our special, mountain town, from the 321(Valley Blvd.) widening, the new hospital, business and tourism, to our ongoing, work in progress, infrastructure improvements that have and will continue to benefit everyone in Blowing Rock.

            Needless to say, I care deeply about all of these issues (and many more) This is exactly why I am running for re-election because I want to continue to work on and be a part of the projects that were started in the past eight years(and before) while I have been serving on the Town Council.

            I was born in Blowing Rock and have lived here my entire life, never leaving. I married Ruthelen Buxton Hartley, who was also born here and grew up here. I guess one would say that we truly “grew up” together in  this beautiful, “storybook” town. Together, we started our custom furniture and antique business 41 years ago. Our business, “The Restoration House”, along with a couple of others, is now one of the oldest businesses’ in Blowing Rock. Our two sons are now a part of this family-business.

            I honestly believe that being born here and growing up here my entire life, gives me the important advantage of seeing and watching, first hand, what “works” in  Blowing Rock and what doesn’t work here. I have also seen what has been tried and  what has failed over the years, to what has been good for Blowing Rock. When you literally know every “nook and cranny” in this town and the stories and history that goes with  it, I do feel that this gives me a certain special  connection to Blowing Rock,that never leaves me and cannot be replaced  by anything.

            Having said this, I definitely think that I have a  very true and unique perspective on  the issues and concerns  facing Blowing Rock,  one that  I feel is useful and  very needed on the Town Council. I will continue to use “common sense” in my thinking and decisions about  every issue that  our special, mountain town  faces. I care deeply about my hometown and would love the the opportunity to continue to work for you, and I do mean ALL the citizens of Blowing Rock and  help take Blowing Rock and its famous past into the future!  See you on November 5.


                                                                                         Tommy Klutz

                                                                                         Current Town Councilman

                                                                                         Candidate for Re-Election