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Letters / A Costly Monster?

Dear Editor,

I wish to ask some very serious questions and add some much-needed comments towards [those] within county and town government, ASU, and the other vocal advocates for the rec center ‘project.’ 

1)  Just how much in $$, money, alone is ASU contributing to this recreation center project?  

And I am NOT referring to the obvious sweetheart deal between county officials and ASU regarding the purchase of county properties.  Of course, there is also theextremely generous time terms granted to ASU by their subservient, kowtowing county representatives.  

‘Most generous terms indeed.  Hey, Everts, since ASU is/has been involved in this planning process, and still is, and will use this recreation center extensively, how about an upfront donation of at least $10 Million, regardless and independent of the $15+ million amount for the substantial properties ? 

2) Since Scott St. Clair of High Country Recreation and his group have been instrumental in intimidating and twisting officials and candidates’ arms re: this unnecessary and grossly expensive center, and since he and his group’s membership will use this facility very often, how about this group fork up a mere million or two $$. Surely, Mr. St. Clair, you and your pals, as wealthy as you are, can chuck up a token million or two.  

3) And last, but not least, let’s not forget the Town of Boone. Surely, you, Town Council, and your tourism development pals, your considerable adjacent suburban communities and second home promotional agenda, can contribute at least $$ 10 million.  

4) And of course, there is the expense of operating and maintaining this superfluous center.  How about the above specified parties commit to being responsible for the subsequent, longtime operational and updating costs. 

How about it, bipartisan commissioners ? How about this, ASU Chancellor Sheri Everts? What say you, Boone Town Manager John Ward ? But, of course, these points and suggestions will not comply with the overall agenda towards running and taxing the rural people off their properties; people whose families have been been here for many generations. 

Also, Watauga County Manager Deron Geouque, it is not surprising that you would suggest bypassing a referendum and build another extremely costly project without consent of the entire county citizenry. ‘Just like the outrageous cost of WHS. ‘Right? After all, you and other County officials can easily afford the increase in taxes, unlike most of the rural community citizens.

Madeline K. Carter

Bethel Community