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LETTERS / Comments About The Local Candidates Forum; They All Agree on the Same Things

Dear Editor,

I viewed the BOC Candidates Forum video a few days ago, and they all agree on the same things.  And most, if not all, of the subjects and statements are town and ASU centered.  

These candidates all echo each other.  It is as if this forum and their questions, the subject matter, and answers were pre-arranged.  

Of course.

The reason for this is that the town-centered media with the narrow-minded Chambers of Commerce decide what the issues are and  the questions to be asked, answered, and ‘debated’.  

There is absolutely no means for any other questions or statements, independent and outside of the predetermined questions and topics, to be asked of or submitted to the candidates. Only the emcees choose.  

What a narrow-minded and controlled forum ! 

One thing I noted that in regard to the transportation, traffic, problem is that these candidates do not speak honestly or directly on the obvious problem of the Town of Boone’s obstruction regarding the traffic bottlenecks as the major roads enter into the town limits. They do not directly critique the Town of Boone or ASU.  They do not speak of the obvious. They may skirt around it, but that is all.  

These candidates on subjects like families, etc. all push for more ‘services’, even see nothing wrong with the county agencies and departments invading, ‘going inside the home’ private family homes.  These statements made me cringe, but they all sense nothing wrong with this scenario.  Yet, this is what they see as normal and good.  This reminded me of the expressions “womb to the tomb” and “cradle to the grave” totalitarian, socialist, overbearing government interference in family and community life.  The socialists, in truth, desire to undermine, if not destroy, the traditional ‘nuclear’ family with a mother and father headed home, and truthfully, the socialists alleged ‘opposition’ does not dare genuinely oppose them. 

As Mr. Keller spoke of where he works in the Deep Gap area, it occurred to me as he spoke of ‘bringing more people into our county’ (!?) as they all speak of, that this business sees a big money-making opportunity to sell tracts of land as for suburbs. And like the town and ASU-centered BOC members, this business wants a man on the board to represent their specific interests. It is a great concern when there is not one proponent for encouraging substantial and large businesses to locate here to give local people, the working class, more employment opportunities. The emphasis is entirely on the second home economy and  developing ‘small’ businesses; of course, after these small businesses have been regulated, scrutinized, and rigorously sterilized by the cultural Marxists on town and county planning boards.   

Plus, these candidates, all of them, say that property taxes will go up, and they look at this as normal and even desirable for all their predetermined costly projects; in fact, they brag of it.  Also, not one critiqued the unnecessary recreation center, its tremendous costs, and they are all determined to go full speed ahead with more massive spending projects without any regard towards secret ballot referenda by the county electorate as the final decision maker. 

And that controlled, arrogant Welch was full of praise for the grossly overpaid county manager, his staff and other department heads like Joe Furman. Of course, they promote and want to increase government agencies, because this increase empowers these officials even more so.   

As we notice from history in general and of recent county officials, elected or appointed, their offices, their power, soon goes to their inflated heads, and they believe their judgments, opinions, are far superior and much more worthy of respect than the average citizen who has to bear the increasing burdens of these tyrants and their outrageous spending agendas.  It is obvious that their overall goal is to run more and more rural people off their properties and taxing them beyond their ability to pay.  We know this from recent disappointing decades.   

Frankly, these candidates just sicken me along with the disgusting, so-called media, lapdogs, and CofC emcees. In my opinion, they are only making more hardened enemies within this county, especially of the rural areas.

Karen Carter