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LETTERS / Clinton-Kaine Sign Stolen After Only Being Up for Less Than One Day

Dear Editor,

On the afternoon of Saturday, October 1, my wife and I put up a Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine campaign sign in our neighborhood, at the three-way stop where Highland Avenue and Poplar Hill Drive intersect in Boone. This is a common place for campaign signs—currently there are several for local Republican and Democratic candidates there.

By the morning of October 2, our Clinton/Kaine sign was already gone—stolen or thrown away, I can’t say. The other signs at the Highland-Poplar Hill intersection are still there.

It’s a shame that someone felt so threatened by the sign that they needed to remove it. I wish all of us, regardless of political affiliation, could respect the rights of others to display signs for their candidates, but I guess that’s too much to hope for in our viciously divided political climate.

Let me say one thing, though, to the person or people who removed the sign: I hope you didn’t trash it. Save it. Keep it in good condition. It’s going to be a collector’s item when the United States elects the first female President on November 8.

Craig Fischer

Boone, NC