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LETTERS / Clearly the Bill of Rights is a Sacred Document

Dear Editor,

So in light of recent events at Sandy Hook and elsewhere I would like to offer my opinion and say I fully agree with those who think the government should not attack our constitutional rights. Clearly the Bill of Rights is a sacred document. We can’t alter it in any way, shape, or form. We should never impose any restrictions on those very freedoms that make America the country that it is.

And that is why I’m calling on congress to stop threatening any restrictions or bans on my 1st amendment freedoms. After all even though the founders only had simple debate halls and stages. Things that are no match for the high-powered 3D megaplex theaters we have today. I’m sure they would agree that it’s a god given right to yell FIRE! at the top of my lungs within one. For even if I were to do so I’m sure (once we lift the restrictions on speech within them) some brave soul or two would surely stand up to yell back about the lack of fire, quickly solve the problem, and avert any threat such an incident could cause? Limiting my speech in the name of “public safety” is clearly a plot by our government to steal my freedoms one word at a time.

Furthermore forcing me into an ID check to buy “obscene material” (As defined by the federal govt of course) Restricting my ability to purchase it at only certain licensed vendors. And on top of that denying me the right to carry it with me into any public place clearly violates my freedom of speech and expression. After all once the govt bans one thing as being obscene where does it stop? Soon they could outlaw everything under the guise of “protecting our youth” could they not? Clearly we should have free access without any kind of limit. Because as we all know responsible owners of pornography have never caused harm to anyone. Only those with easy access and mental problems to begin with are the threat.

Most onerous of all though is the attempts to limit what I can say through the use of libel and slander laws. By trying to outlaw my specialized vocabulary the federal govt is clearly denying me my right to enjoy not only a sporting debate with others, but also the ability to stop those would threaten me before they can. If such a ban went through for instance how I could say that ASU professors (as part of their secret liberal gay agenda) are slipping vials of freshly clubbed baby seal blood into the food of the possibly Muslim(!) hamsters in the spinney wheels powering those “Hateful blogs” that our local Republicans seem to dislike so much. And of course when pressed for proof say “Proof? Who needs that, I have anecdotal evidence that says it’s true!” And why should it matter what is said? Even though an extended version of the truth could cause untold amount of harm to someones personal life in a short amount of time there’s no proof that I would ever use those words in such a manner.  Either way it’s not the words that hurt people, people hurt people.

So clearly we can not limit our freedom of speech. To do so in even the smallest manner is a slippery freedom crushing slope that will soon render us unable to defend ourselves against a tyrannical federal government without the slightest bit of sarcasm or satire to protect us.

Oh except we DID do all that…And last time I checked freedom is still alive and kicking.

So please, keep telling me how we can’t touch the second amendment as well. Keep telling me we need to just outlaw violent video games instead (which by the by the supreme court ruled as protected speech) Keep telling me it’s just mental health alone. Keep telling me it’s our “Godless culture” Keep telling me “Oh they’ll just use a bomb instead” Keep telling me “Well we don’t outlaw cars and they kill people too!” Keep telling me that arming teachers and guards in schools (Like the ones Columbine and Virgina Tech had) will solve the problem.  Keep telling me it’s every little thing but the guns. Keep telling me we can’t solve the problem so why even try? Keep telling me your right to own that shiny piece of metal is more important than the innocent lives they have taken, keep taking, and will take again unless we have a serious discussion on this issue. 

Which is sadly impossible now since the merest whiff of restriction translates into blue helmeted UN troops taking all our weapons, the ongoing Obama derangement syndrome where anything he does is a liberal attempt to crush our freedom, or the utterly insane press conference the NRA held today. One that tried to blame no movie from this decade and a flash game ten years old as the Media’s “dirty little secret” That’s before you discuss the cowardice of those who won’t stand up to the gun lobby for fear of either massive ad buys against them, or in the case of sensible Republicans the threat of being primaried by a tea party extremist. (And we saw how well THAT went for them in the last election right?) Through it all though as long as you keep telling me your guns are untouchable? I’ll keep calling you exactly what you are. “Accessories to murder.”

That to the point enough? I’d hate to see my excessive verbiage confuse anyone once again.

Jesse Steele