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LETTERS / BOONE-DOGGLE – Water Use Committee Member Comment – SITUATION NORMAL with Boone Officials

Dear Editor,

New River Advocates claims Boone and their consulting engineers having been citing a regulation that doesn’t exist, a regulation that has been the whole premise for inciting fear into the public for a need to spend millions toward planning a new water supply and construction of a new water intake.

Patrick Beville is a member of Boone’s Water Use Committee, an environmental engineer and has been citing the same nonexistent regulation that Boone and their consulting engineer have been citing until our first Boone-Doggle letter to the editor was published on 9/8/2014. Now, Mr. Beville agrees with New River Advocates, NC General Statute 143-355(l) is the law that governs planning for a new water supply. However, he says we are out of our league and states regarding the non-existent law:

New River Advocates, Inc. I understand your perspective that WK Dickson did not follow the letter of the law. What you don’t understand is that there are many different legitimate methods of engineering analysis that are acceptable and meet the intent of the law (and, therefore, are accepted by regulatory agencies).

New River Advocates is proud to be in a league that can read the law and has the common sense to challenge the illogical mantra of Town of Boone officials and its bevy of advisors.

Because of New River Advocates’ professional ‘Analysis and Opinion’ of Boone’s consulting engineers assessment of Boone’s water supply situation, Mr. Beville now knows the actual law governing planning for a new water supply. However, he is upset because New River Advocates did not include “average daily demand that is allocated to prospective water users”. First of all, New River Advocates quoted the entire cite at NCGS §143-355(l). We didn’t omit anything.

If Mr. Beville is referring to missing data, then he needs to take that up with Boone and their consulting engineers. If such data exists, as Mr. Beville claims, Boone’s consulting engineers did not make this information available in the assessment we analyzed. If this information does exist and is obviously crucial, we have another question, why didn’t Boone’s engineers include the data in their assessment?

We can’t analyze and include information that is missing. As we stated in our ‘Analysis and Opinion’, we examined the 2009 Environmental Assessment prepared by WK Dickson using the Water Supply Plans submitted to NCDENR by the Town of Boone. Please note there is nothing allocated to “future water sells or connections”, the amount is 0.00. The term “prospective” means “in the future”.

It could be that the engineers did not include the information because they were focused on projecting and computing a factor for Maximum Day Demand instead of Average Daily Demand. Please note they were assessing the situation based on a law that doesn’t exist. Mr. Beville expects us to disclose data Boone and their consulting engineers did not disclose. Why did Boone not disclose this information on the Water Supply Plans they submitted to NCDENR? Is there an “allocation of the average daily demand to prospective users”? If so, why did Boone and their engineers not disclose this information?

Mr. Beville suggests the Town of Boone hire a PR firm or he might start billing them. New River Advocates believes that it was a PR engineering firm that got Boone in this “serious situation”. And, to hire Mr. Beville’s firm would be a conflict of interest for more than one reason, Councilman Quint David works for Mr. Beville’s environmental engineering firm.

Yes, we are definitely out of Boone’s and their advisors league and proud of it! In our league, we start with the premises that the law applies as written. We educate to advocate for the New River.

New River Advocates, Inc. Board of Directors

Donald Nelson. President
Ronnie Cooper Vice President
Marie Nelson Secretary
Deborah Greene Treasurer
Donnie Cooper