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LETTERS / Boone Area Chamber’s Call To Town, County

Dear Commissioners and Council Members,

The greater High Country in general, and the Boone/Watauga Business community specifically, are extremely concerned about the current conflict between our two governmental bodies.  Conflicts typically end in a win/lose outcome, but we cannot afford that result!  We all practice moderation and work out compromises in our work and daily lives.  Your Boone/Watauga County businesses need a win-win!  Any other outcome will simply extend dissension into the future.

Our local business economy is struggling to recover from a severe recession. These additional concerns over the current back-and-forth attacks is demoralizing.  This rhetoric has turned from “principle” to “political” to “personal’ – this cannot continue without irreparable damage being done.

Please find a way to sit down together and bring about resolution!  We are not asking for a particular course of action, but as our elected representatives, we ask you to focus on community betterment – what is good for all.  Lead us into a prosperous future.


Susan Jones, Chair Business Development

Daniel Minton, Board Chairman

Dan Meyer, President/CEO

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