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LETTERS / Bipartisan Consensus Funds New Rec Center

Dear Editor,

On behalf of High Country Recreation, I would like to thank the county leadership for planning and funding a long needed community recreation center.  With a 5-0 vote, the Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the funding for this new facility.

A community recreation center has been a need identified in our community for a long time.  It has been part of the long range Master Plans of both the town and county for decades. It will improve the health of our citizens by providing a place for people to be active all year long.  As a central gathering place, it will allow people from all over the county to strengthen the social bonds that build a strong community.

Located at the intersection of State Farm Road and Hunting Hills Lane, this facility is centrally located so that it can be accessed by as many people in the county as possible.  It will be connected to already existing infrastructure including ball fields and the Greenway. In the future, it will also become a major hub of the Middle Fork Greenway.

High Country Recreation remains committed to making sure that the recreation center is a place that will used by everyone across the age spectrum and from every geographic area.  We feel strongly that this facility should be affordable for all our citizens. In addition, we need to make sure there is adequate transportation so it will be accessible for residents from every part of the county.  We will continue our work to advocate to make the community recreation center a place where all the people of Watauga County can thrive and flourish.

Scott St. Clair

President, High Country Recreation