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LETTERS / Biggest Smoking Gun of 911

Dear Editor,

I once was part of the flock. I believed what the TV and schools told me and regarded those who opposed those ‘official truths’ as madmen, performing my assigned function as a ‘consumer’. Then I stumbled across minor bits of evidence that grew into larger pieces indicating that many of those official truths were false. A curious thing about people is how they get an idea fixed in their mind and seem willing to fight to defend what ‘information’ they were given by another, as if they’re defending a castle. It’s the red pill vs the blue.

Some minds are open and some aren’t. Most humans I’ve encountered don’t arrive at their opinion thru investigation but ‘receive’ opinions from those they associate with and media outlets that they’ve chosen to believe. They present programmed ‘thoughts’ that in most cases don’t come from Sherlock Holmes like investigations. They’ve installed their opinions, obtained elsewhere, like programing a computer, which they proudly present as their opinion, but it’s as if they copied their neighbor’s test paper. This is quite noticeable on items in which the empire has presented the official ‘truth’ which the sheep consume.

We’re reminded often to remember 911. One part of 9/11 is the plane that supposedly crashed in Shanksville Pennsylvania; Shanksville’s mayor said they were called to a plane crash and he was surprised there wasn’t evidence of an airplane anywhere.

Here’s the mayor’s interview around the time of the incident. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEBo_TjU9g4&feature=youtu.be

The official explanation is that there wasn’t any debris, bodies, luggage or anything showing because the ground was so soft it swallowed the plane completely: Boeing-757 coming down full speed and the soil is so soft it swallows the whole plane: everything, like a whale swallowing a fish, except a ‘hijackers’ passport, which escaped his pocket and the plane: how’s that for luck. What drugs was the individual who came up with that involved with? Perhaps it was a fortuitously well placed ‘Acme’ quicksand patch. If the ground was so soft, how come the trees in the vicinity didn’t topple over?

Look at the actual impact crater. Here’s one photo. http://911review.com/errors/phantom/imgs/crater1.jpg

That hole, we’re told, is where the 757 disappeared. Here is another view, https://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7508/1605/1600/crater13.gif

Where are plane parts you always see, like engines, landing gear or the tail, anything?

This is one ‘smoking gun’ of 9/11. There are many. You can’t explain away the lack of airplane debris. ‘Consumers’ could demand accurate answers but don’t as they inhabit the Matrix. Many ‘consumers’ can’t imagine government would lie, except of course they do all the time: WMD anyone? Americans are like spousal abuse victims, in that despite all of the continual lies, new ones are accepted because ‘this time its different’.

How many ‘laws of physics’ defying coincidences can fit in a single event: 9/11 is full of them. Ask your friends who’ve studied physics about the chances of three towers collapsing in an identical fashion, in one day, without historical or scientific precedent.

Their flight teacher said they “couldn’t even fly a Cessna” but we’re expected to believe they crashed commercial airplanes into the most secure buildings, in the most secure airspaces, in the country with the ‘greatest’ air force, in an impossible flight trajectory for even the most experienced pilots, in a section that was empty due to construction work. Drones anyone? Here’s a picture before the roof collapsed, after a 757 allegedly hit it. You’ll notice no windows were broken where wings would have hit the building.


We have no pictures of the plane approaching the Pentagon, let alone crashing into it. Every inch is under video surveillance. The FBI arrived on the scene minutes after the attack and confiscated all video from the surrounding area, but you’ve never seen it. The planes hitting the towers are shown almost daily. We’re expected to believe that planes took down steel towers designed to survive an airplane directly crashing in it. At the Pentagon there’re no plane parts to be seen anywhere.

We’re told two towers fell after weakening some columns near the impact zone that somehow lead to the entire building collapsing entirely on itself, symmetrically, into its own footprint. There were 47 three foot square, 110 story high posts, with walls three inches thick, in each tower. That’s not plausible. Photos exist of some of those posts, during the initial cleanup, obviously severed by ‘cutter charges’. When the collapses start they complete within seconds. Look at the symmetry: the buildings came straight down. Irregular damage doesn’t lead to symmetric collapse. It’s very difficult to get something to collapse equally: it requires a very strict order. It’s not the nature of physics to gravitate towards order without cause. Things naturally gravitate towards chaos.

The rubble is fine particles. Pulverized concrete can only occur when explosives are involved. There were hundreds of accounts, by firemen, of explosions preceding all three towers collapsing. According to first responders “It was a 110 story office building and you couldn’t find a desk, or a chair, or a telephone or a computer. The buildings collapsed to dust.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KloqlR5w9s&feature=youtu.be

You can look at the videos of the towers coming down, and the explosive nature of the collapses. You can see a wave of explosive demolition travelling down the building as it collapses. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpyoxJ5yoI8&feature=youtu.be&t=124

Huge chunks of steel perimeter beams flying hundreds of feet off to the side. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_64RigP1Fk&feature=youtu.be&t=46

Steel doesn’t fly off to the side hundreds of feet due to gravity. Gravity works vertically, not laterally. There has to be a force pushing it to the side violently. Otherwise it would just fall down to the ground. It would be like dropping a ball: It just falls straight down. Then again by ‘fortuitous’ accident, a terrorist’s passport is found in the rubble completely unharmed and a similar passport was found at the Shanksville ‘crash site’ where the earth swallowed everything. The official narrative is insulting the intelligence of anyone who has any.

Building 7, the location of several intelligence and law enforcement agencies and NYC emergency operations center, collapsed in its own footprint in complete symmetry from a few minor office fires. There was obvious forewarning on the part of some people that seemed to know that this building was going to come down.

Rescue workers started pushing people back from the scene, saying that it’s about to blow up. A steel-framed high rise won’t collapse due to office fires. It’s never happened and is so unusual that you couldn’t possibly predict when or if it was going to come down, especially in complete symmetry, into its own footprint, at free fall speed, from fires that were only on few floors, only burning for a few hours: at the end of this video you hear people being told to leave the scene as the building is about to blow up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feyB_OKMV9Q&feature=youtu.be&t=71

NIST said “understanding what happened to Building 7 would be difficult; it didn’t fit any text book example you could readily point to”, and it took them 3 years to get the pretense of a report done. The manager of the Building and Fire Research Laboratory High Performance Materials and Systems Program said this: “But truthfully, I don’t really know”, when asked about why Building 7 came down, and continued, “We’re having trouble getting a handle on why it had collapsed”.

NIST being baffled by the collapse of a building that had only modest fires, and exhibits every characteristic of controlled demolition, isn’t believable. NIST said the collapse of Building 7 due to fires was an “extraordinary event”. They stated they had discovered a completely new phenomenon called thermal expansion, which can cause the collapse of a structure: it was on this day that this new phenomenon decided to reveal itself. For the first time ever, it was concluded that a fire can induce a progressive collapse.

NIST presented an absurd model for the collapse of Building 7; one column slides off of its seat, on a particular floor, and within a matter of moments there’s some chain reaction like a set of dominos that brings the building straight down. It’s possible that you could have a local failure as a result of connection failing. The likelihood of that failure dragging the entire building in the fashion that all the columns would fail at the same time is impossible. The NIST model of the collapse, doesn’t match what we see in reality. That’s not what the video of the collapse of Building 7 shows it came straight down. The BBC reported the collapse thirty minutes before it did.


NIST makes a summary along the lines of: “And then the buildings collapsed completely”. We’re left to consider magic as the cause but thousands of architects say the official 911 collapse theories are impossible.

Why did NIST issue a report that seems to do everything it can to avoid investigating the most likely cause and create some imaginary new miracle to try to explain the obvious? The possibility of controlled demolition was dismissed in the report. It’s the first time in history that a steel framed building has collapsed allegedly due to fires.

People can be intimidated in different ways. Where might that coercion have originated? NIST is historically meticulous about their research. They need to be. Maybe men in suits made them offers they couldn’t refuse.

There will always be true believers who can’t imagine ‘their’ government would lie. Their first refuge is to always believe ‘official’ sources no matter what evidence is presented. Freefall is only possible when there’s nothing preventing it. Three towers falling at the rate of freefall is only possible when there’s nothing holding it in place and everything that held it in place have been removed at one time to allow the freefall we see in the videos.

Does patriotism require that you believe whatever the officials tell you? What if you’re wrong? The ‘official’ presenters use ‘conspiracy theory’ to prevent any other possibilities being presented implying you’re crazy if you don’t agree. NIST’s figures show that building seven collapsed at freefall speed. Thermite residue has been found in the area of the three towers. Watch this video for more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fsvwnRVVyY

Craig Dudley