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LETTERS / Before People had an Easy Way to See Video Footage of Police Murders

Dear Editor,

“We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated, governments in the civilized world—no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and the duress of small groups of dominant men.”   Woodrow Wilson

We’re secretly one of the most peaceful cultures on the planet. We voted for Bush, because he promised us a non-interventionist foreign policy. Obama promised to bring the troops home from the Bush wars. Trump promised to end foreign adventures. We’ve been voting for peace for years, and all we get is war. American democracy doesn’t care what you want and is never accountable. The state always gets its way. So when ‘our’ government wants a war, it will happen. ‘Our’ government works to reduce support for citizens at home so it can war on foreign citizens.

‘Our’ politicians talk about ‘our’ wars as if it was some kind of game because it costs them nothing. Consequences that apply to the ‘little people’ in the Empire don’t apply to ‘our leaders’. Ambassador Chas Freeman said; “America has now chosen publicly to redefine itself internationally as the foreign relations equivalent of a sociopath; a country indifferent to the rules, the consequences for others of its ignoring them, and the reliability of its word. No nation can now comfortably entrust its prosperity or security to Washington, no matter how militarily powerful it perceives America to be.”

America publicly destroyed its fictional reputation as a defender of freedom and democracy. Americans have been lied to for so long that we cope with the absurdities presented to us by not caring, which only empowers the gangsters more. International law applies to every country except Israel and America. As disgusting as that is, it’s made even worse by the bold references to exceptionalism and the repetitious chants about our wild-fantasy that the Empire is protecting the world from terrorism, protecting human rights, peace and justice.  That clear fabrication shows the bankrupt soul of the members/supporters of the Deep State. 

The war on terrorism has been increasing terrorism for years. What would you do if your family was attacked? ‘Our’ government has no idea who most of the people that it murders with drones are. The war makers say they serve a grander purpose; sometimes it’s law and order, other times spreading democracy, other times weapons elimination, other times simply revenge.

“So you’re on the side of the criminals, you must love ISIS, or Putin”; is the common silly reply when questioning ‘our’ wars. Even peace groups fall for the “pick a side” routine. The Pentagon claims to favor peace.

The Empire and the ‘homegrown’ death squads we’ve created have murdered millions of men, women, and children around the world. We’ve bombed and invaded a long list of countries that posed no threat to us, to advance the interests of the corporations that own ‘our’ government, and their ongoing quest for global hegemony. ‘Good’ Americans support the removal of government leaders the TV tells them are bad guys. WWJS/D

Coincidentally, a lot of these bad guys, in addition to being hideously evil, have been at the time of their removal, interfering with the interests of the corporations that own ‘our’ government.

Russian TV covered 1,000,000 Yemenis protesting American/Saudi’s Bombs so American TV covered 8,000 Russians protesting Putin’s government. If they’re both propaganda, then which was more honest news that was worth covering? Neither the New York Times nor the Washington Post reported the million Yemenis. Both reported 8,000 demonstrating in Moscow led by someone who polls less than 1% in Russia as their great hope to replace Putin. The same thing happens with France’s yellow vests, and Bahrain’s upheaval. Ukraine and now Hong Kong are presented as internal creations ignoring how the empire builds them.

There’s certainly a motive for making the Russian molehill seem like a major political event, and there’s a propaganda purpose for those million Yemenis not being seen by ‘consumers’ in ‘our free press’ non-coverage of the million people in Yemen which told the American and Saudi governments, “stop bombing and starving us.”

America raises ‘humanitarian virtues’ to chase imperial and financial interests, and mysteriously fails to see these virtues when their appeal would hurt imperial financial interests. Hypocrisy, one of the main ingredients of the Empire’s culture, is why we hear about human rights in Iran and North Korea, and nothing about human rights in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, and Colombia to give a few examples of human rights-violating regimes that are heavily supported and assisted by the Empire.

We’re told ‘consumers’ should “look backwards” regarding Syrian human rights violations, but shouldn’t look backwards at these same violations when ‘our’ government is involved.  ‘Consumers’ should also abstain from looking backwards at American war crimes wherever we intrude, particularly those ordering war crimes.

Others are accomplices with America and Israel in regard to so many flagrant violations of the Geneva Accords, UN Resolutions and International Law.  How many wars of aggression/regime change have been instigated by America, Israel and the UK with the participation and support of countries like Saudi Arabia, and Turkey?  The good old boys club commits the crimes it accuses those it attacks of doing, and worse, all the while granting themselves immunity.

‘Our’ government says its criminal unprovoked attacks on Syria are to show the violation of ‘international norms’ will no longer be tolerated. Washington and Israel are the greatest violators of ‘international norms’ in modern history. We bomb people to save them.

As Bush launched the War on Terror administration officials remained obsessed with memories of Vietnam.  They wanted wars in which there would be no embarrassing video, body counts, or body bags heading home to provide truth fueling protesting citizens.  There were only two roles available for the American public.  The first, W said: “go down to Disney World in Florida, take your families, and enjoy life”: go shopping.  The second was to eternally thank and praise America’s “warriors” for their deeds and efforts. The wars are in distant lands that won’t disturb American life: another fantasy.

America is an unpredictable psychopathic monster that can only be controlled by creating defensive deterrence to irrational attacks.  Gaddafi didn’t have a bayonet experience until he gave up his WMDs. America is and has been rampaging around the world attacking any who deviate from its catechism. Without the continuing cooperation of America’s ‘news’ media in our serial crimes, we wouldn’t be heading toward World War III.

Kim Jong-Un fired an ICBM that might be able to hit Alaska. We’re supposed to believe that he’s going wake up one day and decide to bomb Anchorage, knowing that if he did so his country would be radioactive ash within minutes. I remember yellow cake and aluminum tubes, the Axis of Evil, Saddam, Panamanian dictators, Gadhafi, ayatollahs, Russian commies, Chinese commies, mullahs, Cubans, Sandinistas, Grenada, Panama, Somali pirates, bird flu, anthrax and lions and tigers and bears, oh my. We’re supposed to think that we’re always threatened, and believe we’ve done nothing to motivate those threats.

What would you call a regime which is clearly acting in direct opposition to the will an overwhelming majority of the people and which acts in the interests of a foreign power?  Whatever may be the case, what’s clear is that in every election Americans consistently vote for less war and each time around they get more. 

America’s lies/false flags, a short list; Saddam’s nukes, Gulf of Tonkin torpedoes, Spain sinking the USS Maine, the Lusitania wasn’t smuggling weapons to Britain, 9/11, Assad gassed his own people, but you can trust us when we say Assad gassed his own people this time, even though we can’t show you any proof, because after all Putin is lying about Ukraine, even though we can’t show you proof of that, and Putin lied about the Malaysian airliner, and we can’t show you proof about that either. You’re just going to have to trust the CIA and just because we lied to JFK about the Bay of Pigs is no reason not to trust us now.

Presidents come and go but American politics stay the same because of ‘our’ powerful bureaucracy. When a person is elected, they may have some plans. Then well-dressed people with briefcases arrive, who explain how things are done, and suddenly, everything changes. This happens with every administration when faced with an immovable ‘dark state’.

‘Consumers’ are encouraged in their ignorance by leaders who are equally foolish. The days of arrogant America dominating the world dictating to other nations what they can and can’t do in their own backyards are over. The South China Sea, one easy example, is none of America’s business and the Empire should stop whipping things up which are none of its business or concern.

How would you feel if China started conducting freedom of navigation and freedom of overflight operations on our borders? Remember how America reacted when Cuba began basing Soviet missiles on Cuban territory. If you think because there’s no shooting, that a war isn’t happening, you don’t understand the nature of warfare.

‘Exceptional’ America works to make it so that ‘consumers’ never recognize the problems it creates. America interferes in elections. It overthrows governments, and installs military dictatorships. The contrived ‘scandal’ of Russian ‘influence’, serves to distract from the actual crimes that are committed daily by ‘our’ government, and only make the rich and powerful bolder. The media systematically suppress and distort, and when they do present facts, the context obscures the actual meaning. ‘Our’ schools indoctrinate ‘consumers’ teaching them to be submissive to power. ‘Our free press’ serve, and propagandize for, the powerful interests that control and finance them.

You are many times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a terrorist.

Our laws are written by people we believe to be liars and thieves. They get to decide how we must live via ‘elections’ fraud. Our founding documents speak of ‘we the people’, not ‘we the government’.

The empire functions without a leader. In my lifetime we’ve gone from Ike and JFK to bill, W, saint Obama and the mango Mussolini: it ain’t been a good change.

If you’re paying attention it would have been long evident that we’re in the latest version of ‘it’s a wonderful life’ and the bankers won long ago.

Craig Dudley