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LETTERS / Avery County Manager’s Request to Part-Time Residents


To our valuable Avery County Resort Communities:

Avery County Government takes great pride in providing the best governmental services to all its citizens. However, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose a threat to the Health and Safety of our citizens. This week we watched North Carolina’s infected numbers go from 123 to 636 and all bordering counties now report cases.

At this time, Avery County Government, Emergency Management, the Avery County Health Department, and Cannon Hospital suggest that it may be in the best interest of our part-time residents to stay at their current permanent residence so that the resources in the County are not strained. It is not required, but we hope that the part-time residents who need to come to their homes self-quarantine for a period of fourteen (14) days. This does not mean they cannot get outside to walk and enjoy the fresh air but they would practice cautious social distancing.   Many of our grocers are offering online pick-up service. Please share the tips from the Avery County Health Department enclosed with this letter. Toe River Health District

Unfortunately, the likelihood of vital resources becoming limited in Avery County is certain. While as of today we have no confirmed positive cases of COVID-19, the medical professionals’ opinion is “it is only a matter of days.” The stress on emergency services staff and equipment with our current population will be at a critical stage.

Please understand that Avery County will continue our services to all citizens but we just wanted to inform you of our concerns.


Phillip Barrier, Jr.

County Manager