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LETTERS / Attorney Brad Donovan Announces Candidacy for N.C. Court of Appeals

July 28, 2014.

Dear Editor, I would like to announce that I am a candidate for the North Carolina Court of Appeals, the seat being vacated by Chief Judge John Martin.

Briefly, I have been a licensed attorney in NC since 1989.  I spent eight years as a member of staff counsel at the Court, during which I wrote over 600 proposed Opinions for the Court.

For the past 12 years I have been a deputy commissioner for the NC Industrial Commission and have heard workers’ compensation cases across the state in nearly every county.  For the past three years I have been one of two deputies who hear tort claims against the state and the more complex workers’ comp claims designated as “special set” cases.

I am the only deputy who hears claims brought under the Erroneous Conviction Act and the Death Benefits Act for Police, Firemen and EMT workers.  During my tenure at the Commission, I have been assigned well over 2,000 cases and have written close to 700 opinions.  I am a registered independent and I believe my lack of a political agenda is one of my strongest attributes.

I have support across party lines and from both the plaintiff and defense bars.

Brad Donovan