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LETTERS / An Open Letter to the “Nay Senators” on Gun Controls

Dear Editor,

     Permit me to join your many  bewildered constituents as they received  news of your vote against background checks, limited magazines, etc. on April 17th.   Such a disappointing vote against logic and a more peaceful national environment mandates that you eliminate from your resumes any references to education (wisdom) and religion (truth, justice, and compassion.)  It was so painful to witness your blatant disregard for the plea for courage and resolve from so many quarters, including  the Sandy Hook families. How did many express it?  “Shame on you!”

     How could these deeply grieving parents have known how much money had already been placed in your  re-election coffers by the NRA and gun manufacturing lobbies?  Any hope for reasonable change was replaced by despair as you parroted the false “talking points”  spoon-fed to you by the  NRA leadership?  Did you need to remind clear-thinking Americans  that  “bought politicians” lack the moral capacity to act humanely when  self-interest dominates  their political choices? There it was again – the  adage that “power corrupts”  continuing to be operative in  the halls of Congress.

     One thing is certain.  Your vote provided an even stronger wake-up call against violence and the insanity of gun worship. In other words, this debate is far from over.  Round two, perhaps three and four, are straight ahead.

     But, what does the future hold for your further legislative transgressions? You will probably  suffer an embarrassing defeat at the polls, or perhaps continue to degrade the name of your office as you earn other failing grades of “A Plus” from the NRA. Obviously, because Congress is so badly in need of true statesmanship,  being “put out to pasture” is preferable.


Bill Rogers

Boone, NC 28607