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LETTERS / An Open Letter to the Boone Council and Watauga Commissioners

Dear Editor,

Count me among others who would prefer that local governments work together on issues of commonality.  The latest divisive issue is one no one desires or is productive.  As a cantankerous farmer and an even more cantankerous unaffiliated voter may the following suggestion be humbly offered.

My understanding is the council would not have time to change the UDO before the end of month deadline.  Does it really need to?  Would it not be prudent to delay implementation of any changes made since October 2012 until a reasonable amount of time so that building permits and plans can take place unimpeded by the changes that began the whole issue? 

The meeting format-I was at the last Commissioner meeting and their attorney did state it would be illegal to meet on this issue in closed session.   Would anyone really want to ignore the advise of their counsel?

As for the rest of us-would like to suggest/request that we refrain from irritating the situation further.  After the end of this month we will have plenty of time to second guess and criticize.  Knowing many members of the council and commissioners, they seem very knowledgeable and responsible for performing their jobs to the benefit of their constituents.   It has to be a very tough position in times like these.  A little understanding on our part may help facilitate a beneficial outcome.


Bill Moretz