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LETTERS / America’s Entire History is Endless Violence

Dear Editor,

“When Fascism comes to America, it will call itself anti-Fascism. My own belief, more than once set afloat from this spot, is that it will take us, soon or late, into the stormy waters of Fascism. To be sure, that Fascism is not likely to be identical with the kinds on tap in Germany, Italy and Russia; indeed, it is very apt to come in under the name of anti-Fascism.” H.L. Mencken

America’s entire history is endless violence, plunder, hypocrisy, exploitation, imperialism, oppression: endless wars of aggression. Every single American military operation since WWII has resulted in a disaster on the humanitarian, political or military level: often all of them combined. America asks the local elites, but never the ‘colored’ common folk, if they want the Empire to ‘save’ them revealing the truth behind their ‘democratic systems’.

They don’t ask you if you want a war, hence all the false flags including the Maine, the Lusitania, the ‘Gulf of Tonkin incident’, to 9/11: every time a lie was used to convince ‘consumers’ that they had to go to war. That isn’t people power or democracy. The chief American prosecutor at Nuremberg, Robert Jackson, said the crime of aggression is the ultimate crime because “it contains within itself the accumulated evil” of all other war crimes.

The colossal nonsense ‘our free press’ feeds zombified ‘consumers’ has them believe that magic bullets can zigzag or that 2 aircraft can bring about the collapse of 3 buildings, always gets more astonishing.

There’s one standard for ‘us’ and another for Russia: countries that ‘we’ oppose. The Empire, America, tells the world to obey our orders or its war. Some democratic system we have, eh.

The State Department has warned Syria against launching an offensive against terrorist positions in southern Syria saying that the Empire will respond if Syrian forces launch an operation aimed at restoring the legitimate government’s control over the rebel-held areas, including the territory in southwestern Syria near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. The Empire is issuing orders to a nation they’ve invaded. The idea that another country would tell the internationally recognized Syrian government that it can’t take steps to establish control over parts of its own national territory is absurd by any measure.

The Empire in the past 16 years has destroyed seven countries, murdering, maiming, and displacing millions of peoples, but still presents itself as the great defender of human rights, democracy, and all that’s good. ‘Consumers’ occasionally make feeble protest against the massive crimes against humanity committed by ‘our’ government. How many elections has America altered the outcome of? How many countries have we attacked either directly or through proxies? Nobody making claims about ‘Russian hacking’ of ‘our’ election ever seems to acknowledge this, pretending that America really is what you’re taught in school and on TV.

“Some scientists claim that hydrogen, because it is so plentiful, is the basic building block of the universe. I dispute that. I say there is more stupidity than hydrogen and that is the basic building block of the universe.” Frank Zappa

The Hildabeest called Trump the “puppet” of Russian President Putin but clearly the puppet master for ‘our’ politicians is Israel. The hunchback doesn’t see his own hump. A country can’t claim for itself the status of ‘a democracy’, while repressing the democratic freedom of anyone. Palestinians, for example, are routinely attacked by the Israeli state while Israel harps on about being democratic: Hypocrisy of the highest order.

The idea that others might do to us what we regularly do to them outrages ‘consumers’. Fear is used to divide and conquer the ‘great unwashed’. As you look for the causes you have to look at yourself. Iran being a terror supporter, for example, ignores their being subjected to our terrorism for a hundred years. Alleged Russian interference compared to our actual invasions and interfering in other countries has to be an intentional farce created to entertain.

‘Our’ leaders protest, with no evidence, a pandemic of “Russian interference” in Western political affairs, when years of documented evidence exist of real interference in nations around the world funded and directed by a heavily financed network of American-backed agitators and propagandists, operating behind the masks of journalism and NGO’s, working to overturn local, independent political institutions and replace them with a system created by and serving exclusively the interests of the Empire that created them. America accuses Russia of buying Facebook and Google ads, while it’s openly engaged in overthrowing nations around the world: a Time magazine cover in 1996 brags about American meddling in Russia’s election.

Democracy is the tyranny of the unthinking majority. The core behaviors show little difference between fascism and communism/socialism. There’s nothing moral about laws which are enforced with needless violence. Law is written by government to enforce their interests and has nothing to do with rights or general human decency. It has nothing to do with resolving disputes, as common law does. Government behaves like abusive partners, threatening and carrying out violence when their partner tries to act in unapproved ways.

Blaming a massacre on gun owners is like blaming 9-11 on frequent fliers.

Defense secretary McNamara said that the “greatest contribution” of the Vietnam War might have been to make it possible for the Empire “to go to war without the necessity of arousing the public ire”. Fifty years later, this is reality. Why do Americans today show so little interest in the wars waged in their name and allegedly for them? As our forever wars continue, why doesn’t the difference between effort expended and benefits added arouse more than passing curiosity or mild expressions of dismay?

Americans don’t care. We set down our beers long enough to applaud those in uniform and boo those who decline to participate in mandatory patriotism rituals. Demanding controlled responses to ‘patriotic’ displays doesn’t support what it’s supposed to stand for: freedom. ‘Our’ government has been yelling wolf for so long much of the world has caught on.

We don’t demand anything remotely resembling accountability. We’ve been sold a bill of goods about a “war on terror” that’s for ‘keeping America safe’. ‘Consumers’ are easily persuaded that scattering American soldiers throughout the world while dropping bombs on designated evildoers is helping win the former while guaranteeing the latter. To question that scheme becomes equivalent to suggesting that God might not have given Moses two stone tablets.

We’re told that NATO is “concerned by Russia’s military buildup on their borders”, but NATO actually expanded up to Russian borders breaking many previous agreements. The Empire won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but by its superiority in applying organized violence. Americans ignore this fact: everyone else doesn’t. The Vietnamese were one recipient of our goodwill, as U.S. News and World Report put it in 1966: “What the United States is doing in Vietnam is the most significant example of philanthropy extended by one people to another that we have witnessed in our times.”

The Empire’s system is based on a parade of exaggerated or invented “threats”, presented with endless repetition in the groupthink that passes for analysis. China is dependent upon exporting trillions of goods to the Empire. Without those markets its massively leveraged bubble economy would collapse. Who really thinks that China will bomb America? America’s ‘defense’ budget is horribly gigantic. There’s no country which realistically threaten America’s ‘homeland’ or has any intention of doing so.

‘Our’ leaders have successfully confused any rational thought. ‘Consumers’ make up their minds emotionally, instead of thinking critically. That’s how those in power like it. When you act emotionally, you’re easier to control. The flag stands for freedom. That’s why you mustn’t speak against it. Makes sense, right?

An irrational American tale that repeatedly confuses the world: If the Empire kills you, you’re collateral damage, but if you retaliate, you’re a terrorist. Iran is building weapon systems because they’re afraid they’ll be invaded. Where would they get a silly idea like that?

It’s interesting that every time a new president is installed in the American corporate office there’s a group screaming foul and calling for impeachment. Of course they’re justified, but nobody seems to notice they’re all corrupt. ‘Consumers’ don’t recognize that ‘our’ president isn’t the ‘decider’ but must obey his superiors who aren’t elected or reported on in the ‘news’. They give presidents certain spaces to operate within and they make him responsible for accomplishing their wishes. The president’s actions will be horrible so he must be changed regularly, like a diaper. A clean diaper is installed for a new batch of crap. It doesn’t matter what brand of diaper is used as it will be filled.

Organized religion rationalizes obedience to those in power who conquer using religious dogma. Everyone else counts on getting heavenly rewards. We might get some reward here if we’re meek enough. We may get to inherit the wreckage of this world.

America was established on the principle that government is untrustworthy. Those who lie to us about gun control like they lied to us about Obamacare, Iraq, Syria, and Israel, will advance anything giving government more control over your life which is fine since you know government is honest, virtuous, moral, reliable, and has your best interests at heart. You can see the herd of ‘consumers’ driven towards ‘created’ truths, that aren’t.

Instinctive acceptance of government tales, which benefits government, displays ‘consumers’ mindlessness. You trust without verification as if government never lied to you. You say you don’t trust the media as you watch and repeat what you were programmed with, acting as if you believe what you say you don’t. You focus on the foreign aspect of your oath ignoring the domestic aspect.

“Since mankind’s dawn, a handful of oppressors have accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away. We’ve seen where their way leads, through camps and wars, towards the slaughterhouse.” V for Vendetta

Craig Dudley