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LETTERS / Americans Seem Unaware That Their Prosperity Comes From Selling Weapons and Creating Scenarios That Use Them

Dear Editor,

“In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

I avoid social media accounts leaving me unable to respond to comments on my “rants” so occasionally I do so via the next “rant”.

The only thing that we have learned from history is that history repeats its self, and we don’t learn from history. Americans pretend they’re reasonable people, as “their government” murders around the world, provoking revolutions, and lying about who is doing it. The Empire funds terrorists and then bombs them.

Americans seem unaware that their prosperity comes from selling weapons and creating scenarios that use them to maintain their assets while robbing other countries. They also refuse to accept that these wars don’t benefit “consumers”, but only the financiers who invent them. Using the methods of those we oppose makes us no better.

America has troops in at least 150 countries and armored vehicles patrol our cities. America’s infrastructure is decayed, “consumers” can’t find jobs, and judging by its purchase of hollow point bullets, “our government” plans on shooting a lot of us.

Before the Empire began its wars of the 20th century, it had ravaged parts of the Western Hemisphere and Asia, working to become the next Empire. Since 1776 America has created a seamless series of wars with virtually no period of peace that we can see in either our past or future. The wars eventually come home to those who make them, and that’s happening now.

How many countries have “visiting” Russian troops? How many drone strikes have Russians made against sovereign nations? How many Islamic groups has Russia trained and armed? The CIA created armed and trained al-Qaida, and now ISIS. They’ve been creating chaos in the Middle East to bring down several governments. America’s military is in at least 150 countries.

They spin catastrophes these days faster than you can recognize them. The latest Israeli slaughter in Gaza was quickly erased from the news by the Neocon coup, America created, in Ukraine, the shootdown of the Malaysian jet, and now the sudden “discovery” of new “terrorists” excusing the renewed attack on Syria. One false move starts World War 3, if the Russians take the bait.

The world didn’t believe American “leaders” who insisted Russia caused the problems in Ukraine. The world knows it’s more of the Empire’s greed. Americans should realize we’re accessories to mass murder around the world.

The Empire blamed 9/11 on mysterious Muslim terrorists, authorizing new wars; Fake news, fictional quotes, posturing politicians, and malicious propaganda. Who runs the world? Those who pay attention know it’s not those you’re taught, but most “consumers” locked in their media fabricated fantasies certainly don’t know. They think the Hillabeast vs. Bush the third will be an interesting match. It’s meaningless, as they’re merely the flavor of the day.

The TSA gropes Americans, including the handicapped, elderly, and children. There’s never been an incident in American airports to justify this abuse/assault on your freedom. Airports around the world where terrorists are more likely to strike don’t have the same Security Theater as the Empire, but it serves a purpose here: control and conditioning to keep “consumers” submissive to “our militarized government”.

Stop thinking this “thing” in Washington, DC is “our” government. It’s not and it hasn’t been since Andrew Jackson. It’s a criminally self-interested, for-profit, corporation hired to provide some governmental services, and it’s seriously insane.

There’s nothing sacred about the “federal government”. It’s the same as any other commercial corporation on earth. Would you “petition” corporate officers and ask them to play nice? If they wanted to, and were willing to, they would already be doing so. There’d be no need for petitions seeking remedies for grievances. Do you still think that your vote counts? Does the Easter Bunny carry your petition to the federalies?

Congressional critters are window dressing, to entertain and reassure “consumers”. Any real power Congress had disappeared long ago. Congressional critters now spend most of their days discovering how to bring home enough bacon to satisfy “consumers”, and fill their pockets.

Stop wasting time, and money on America’s political scheme or supporting candidates that don’t have the power or will to represent anyone but themselves and their cronies. They’re in the business of selling you “governmental services”, like “Obamacare.

The police aren’t here to protect you but to protect the status quo and arrest code breakers. There’s a growing energy to dismantle this criminal gang of psychopaths that we’ve previously called “our government”. Government functionaries deserve harsh penalties, because they’re killing the future they have sworn to protect: yours.

The government owns everything. Name something that government doesn’t control. Is it your own body, vehicle, business, interactions with others, however non-violent? There’s nothing that government hasn’t asserted ownership rights over. To control and dispose of as it desires which is what owners do.

Americans believe they’re free because the TV tells them so, they don’t see any restraint, can move around and buy things. Americans are free to work and shop, but they have no effective political power. A good example is that while an overwhelming majority of “consumers” are against the wars, those wars and massive spending to support them go unchallenged by “their” representatives. They think their vote counts and don’t realize that our electronic “votes” are counted by mysterious “private” companies. They’re unaware of this situation because the media hasn’t told them. “If the media doesn’t talk about it, mustn’t be a problem” is “consumer” reasoning.

The last time this country was ruled by an elite group that didn’t represent them, there was a revolution. This time there’s better TV so “consumers” are distracted.

Craig Dudley