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LETTERS / All It Takes Is One Person Chipping A Little At A Time

Dear Editor,

This is in reply to the Foscoe resident who was offended “as a taxpayer” that his mail carrier had displayed a Confederate flag on their vehicle. He also said he has “no problem if they are flying it from their own car.” Well, Mr. Handley, “as a taxpayer” you have nothing to be offended by as the Postal Service hasn’t received Federal funding since 1982! Not for 33 YEARS! And rural carriers DO own THEIR OWN vehicles! They also pay for the upkeep THEMSELVES  Gas, brakes, oil, insurance, tires, tags, inspection stickers, etc. ALL comes out for THEIR pockets. What is allowed as a tax deduction is a pittance towards the upkeep……gas, brakes and tires especially! And just how would Mr. Handley like it if I were to impose my “belief” or “disapproval” of something he had on his vehicle? All it takes is one person chipping a little at a time. Our rights are disappearing people! Faster than you know…….but that’s a whole other bucket of crap!

Wearing rainbow colored suspenders doesn’t mean that you are LGBT. Not all Muslims are terrorists. AND NOT ALL PEOPLE WHO FLY THE CONFEDERATE FLAG ARE RACIST OR “HATERS”! It IS a symbol of our Southern heritage. It is a way to pay respect to those who fought and died for what they believed in. The Civil War was about more than slavery, which IS a horrific part of our history. “States rights” was more than ONE issue. For the actual slave OWNER, I’m sure it was about slavery! However, MOST of those who fought were NOT slave owners. But that’s what school and libraries are for. Go get educated.
I’m a proud Southerner (specifically “Southern Appalachian Highlander” raised in the M-A-Y-land area), now living in the Midwest. Displaying the flag is a way to show my heritage. Everyone automatically connects that flag to the Southern United States. It’s SO, SO, SO VERY sad that everyone has to politicize everything nowadays. Not everything has to be or is a political statement. As Freud said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

Mr. Handley might jus’ be havin’ a li’l bit o’ hatin’ toward somethin’ himself.

My grandmother always said, “Some people like to stir (manure) just to smell the stink.”

Always remember,  know that of which you speak before alerting the media.
Rose Janke