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LETTERS / ‘Age Appropriate’ Cannot Be Defined

Dear Editor.

At the School Board meeting, several citizens appealed to the School Board to declare that the challenged book is not “age-appropriate.” They seem to think that there might be some way to establish a policy that would define that term to the satisfaction of all.  Unfortunately, that is impossible, and trying to force the School Board into making some kind of rules about this issue is pointless.  That term will be defined in various ways by various groups, and efforts to find research evidence to make that easier will simply waste time, since no such research exists.  It must be made clear that there are no ways to define “age-appropriate” literature, because every teen is different, and no one can say with certainty which book is “age-appropriate” for which child. 
Each parent must decide that for him/herself, but no parent should decide that for the children of other parents.
Please put this issue to rest.  Approve the use of this book for parents who believe it is age-appropriate for their children, and allow parents to refuse use of the book if they think it is not age-appropriate for their own children.
In the meantime, a book is innocent until proven guilty.  Let this teacher continue to provide excellent education for her students!

Glenda Hubbard