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LETTERS / A Thank You to Mountain Electic Customers

Dear Editor,
On behalf of the High Country Relatives as Parents Program (RAPP) I would like to thank all of the Mountain Electric customers who have elected to participate in Operation Pocket Change. By contributing to Operation Pocket Change, you have chosen to have your monthly electric bill rounded up to the next highest dollar amount.  Your monthly contribution may be as little as a penny or as much as ninety cents, but most contributions average about fifty cents per month or $6 per year.  I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but that small amount makes a huge difference in the lives that it touches.  Because of your contributions, our program, High Country RAPP, was recently awarded a grant of $3,000 from Mountain Electric Cooperation.   Recent studies indicate that in Avery County there are more than 300 grandparents who have taken on the responsibility of surrogate parenting due to the inability or absence of the parents.  The funds received will be used to assist our RAPP families with legal assistance; school-related expenses such as school supplies and field trips; summer camps; parks & recreational programs; scouting events; monthly support group meetings; Holidays for Kids and other costs associated with surrogate parenting.  Thanks to the generosity of individuals like you, who participate in Operation Round Up, our participants will be afforded many opportunities that might not have otherwise been available to them.   
With sincere appreciation,
Brenda Reece
Brenda B. Reece, BSW
Family Caregiver Support Specialist
High Country AAA
Executive Director
High Country Caregiver Foundation
Program Director
Day Break at Deerfield
High Country Relatives as Parents Program