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LETTERS / 20 Days Left to File Appeal of Lawsuit Regarding Maymead Asphalt Plant in Deep Gap

It appears this fight could end with a whimper instead of the bang it deserves. Coming up on two years since the Maymead Corporation decided they wanted an asphalt plant on the Doc and Merle Watson Scenic Byway, the strategy of dragging it out has succeeded in diminishing public interest and wearing down the group of dedicated opponents. 

No one is against the use of asphalt, but the location of polluting industries should be of concern to all our citizens,  and this one will be in a very bad place for many reasons. The County revoked the old permit (that Maymead never actually had), but then it was restored by a Board of Adjustments that failed to consider much of the clear evidence, as did the Superior Court judge at the next level. 

Since the County, along party lines, decided not to join the Superior Court appeal, it was left to local citizens last year to do so and they have struggled to raise the funds to keep this fight alive. The case for opposition is a very strong legal one and deserves a fair hearing at the NC Court of Appeals. That appeal must be filed within the next 30 days, and the County should be joining that appeal to make it an even stronger one. We ask those who care to contact your commissioners and urge them to do the right thing. Contact information is at www.wataugacounty.org.

For more information, see www.gofundme.com/stopdeepgapasphalt or www.highcountrywatch.com.

David Sengel