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LETTERS / Thank you from Appalachian Ski Mtn.

Feb. 11, 2015. Dear Editor,

After leaving the Blowing Rock Town Council Meeting last night, I felt as if I had just left a group of friends who were all meeting to figure out how they could help our family with a problem our business was going through.

I can’t imagine how our Blowing Rock Town Council, Blowing Rock Planning Board or Blowing Rock Town Staff (Scott Fogleman, Kevin Rothrock, Tammy Bentley, Sharon Greene and Town Attorney Allen Moseley) could have been more accommodating and helpful to Appalachian Ski Mtn. and the difficult situation we have been facing with the loss of our entrance signage.  My most gracious thanks to our Commissioners, Albert Younce, Dan Phillips, Sue Sweeting, Doug Matheson, and Ray Pickett for their assistance in helping us reach an effective and beautiful solution to our entrance signage problem.

Our very special thanks also to the Blowing Rock Planning Board, Chairman Jim West, David Harwood, Wes Carter, Alice Roess, Genie Starnes, Lisa Stripling, David Laughter, Natalie Bovino and Richard Scheurer for their constant support and especially their unsolicited and much appreciated expedited consideration of the Council’s charge to reconsider our signage situation most completely.

Finally, at the risk of leaving out any of the many people who have spoken, attended, or written letters on our behalf at one or more of the six  hearings that comprised this process, our most heartfelt thanks to:  John Aldridge, David Barker, David Blust, Tracy Brown, Wes Carter, Ron Cutlip, Mitch Davis, Tony di Santi, Kelly and Brad Doughty, Rob Dyer, Jeff Eason, David Edwards, Four Eggers, Chelsea Garrett, Jane Fonvielle, Larry Greene, Bill Hall, Jack Hall, Charles Hardin, David Harwood, Jimmy Hodges, Rob Hudspeth, Don Hubble, Jason Gaston, Tommy and Ruth Klutz, David Laughter, Justin Lawrence, Jim and Phyllis Lester, Dick McDonald, Deborah and Jim McDowell, Scott McIntosh, Suzanne Miller, Cobb Milner, Lorry Mulhern, Todd Rice, David Rogers, Kim Rogers, Jane Rogers, Alice Roess, Charlie Sellers, David Shockley, Ginny Stevens, Lisa Stripling, Adrian Tait, Cullie Tarleton, Kent Tarbutton, Butch and Gina Triplett, Pam Vines, John Welch, Annie Whatley, George Wilcox, Maurice Williams, Barbara Wright, Perry Yates, and especially to my good friend Mike Sweeting and Mayor J.B. Lawrence whose advice about this process was invaluable.

Our family has been truly moved by the expressions of support and friendship by so many people in this community.

With our many thanks,

ASM President Brad Moretz