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LETTERS / I Wonder How Much Longer ‘Civilization’ Will Survive

Dear Editor,

I dread social situations where politics arise. I try to stay silent because ‘consumers’ have assured themselves that they love everything America does, even though they complain about it constantly, and according to polls, have no trust in ‘our government’ or ‘free press’.  When the wars, terrorism, corporate/financial industry issues, or environmental issues are explored, it’s obvious to me that America/Israel is the greatest architect of these huge problems. 

The whole subject is so far from being understood that it can’t easily be addressed in friendly discussion.  America’s role in so much going on today should, and could be clear to them. 

When I hear Americans discuss the country, I find that people are eager for information, yet most, without even knowing it, accept much of the dogma they’ve been fed daily by government and the ‘Murdoch’ media, even when the assumptions are absurd. Only those who make an ongoing effort to see through the smokescreen seem to keep clear.

Washington is the regime change champion; no one else even comes close. You might assume that ‘consumers’ would notice the pattern of interference, see through the propaganda and assign blame accordingly. But that never seems to happen and may not ever. No matter how compelling the evidence, brainwashed Americans always believe their government is doing the right thing.

Some years ago I wrote about America, the Empire, and was verbally assaulted by some who swore America never was or would be an Empire. They believe all the schools/media taught them. They didn’t consider, just for starters, America’s vast worldwide military base system. As soon as any blame is put on America, their defenses rise and even become aggressive against any mention of America’s role.  They will blast individual politicians, but if someone suspects I’m saying that America is at fault, they attack, and underlying the whole scene is the idea that I don’t love America, and they do. 

Arguments get lost if that’s where the debate stands.  Who hates the land they were born into?  What we/they have trouble with is the power structure and what that system does. That is the face of our country.

Some are so distorted in their political views that they aim their anger at me but, thinking about it, I realize they’re being manipulated.  The media is a strictly controlled propaganda machine. ‘Consumers’ are outwitted by media and think tanks who are experts at deception. Education level makes no difference as we’ve all been equally brainwashed.

So, I’m considering no longer saying that America is the worst perpetrator in the world environmentally, or militarily, or that its financial industry is at the core of so much poverty/corruption around the world.  What we need is a new descriptive label. How do we avoid using the words America, or U.S., when talking about the horrors we commit.  ‘Consumers’ don’t invent satanic schemes like false flag attacks, propaganda campaigns against the latest chosen adversary, or the constant climate change denials promoted by the international fossil fuel industries. 

Who is it, if not America?  We can certainly include Israel but it’s not the whole story.  Much of this was going on many decades ago before Zionists had the hold on our institutions that they do now. The Rothschild’s have influenced much of our system for a long time, but generally there weren’t Israeli citizens in so many high positions like now.

The overarching villain, in my opinion, is a coalition of common interests: American international corporations, Zionist interests, obscenely wealthy families, fossil fuel industries, international banking, weapons industries, and deep state systems. And, perhaps most vital, the corporate media, connected to virtually all of the above supporting their actions publicly; All of the political systems, government agencies worldwide, that are corrupted by the money and pressure from all of the above. It’s a Global Empire, based on these powerful interests and entities with America/Israel as its head.

This is the monster/villain, that’s destroying cultures, communities and countries, inventing reasons for wars to profit the Global Empire. The Empire is destroying ecosystems everywhere and grassroots efforts trying to stop it, fail.  This Empire ensures that regulations to ensure a healthy environment, for our children, won’t ever succeed, or be so watered down that our natural life support system continues to erode, eventually reduced to a barren graveyard by ‘consumers’ so focused on their immediate needs that they fail to preserve paradise for their grandchildren. Only when the last tree has died, the last fish caught, and the last river poisoned will ‘consumers’ realize they can’t eat money.

Every day I witness the chemical suicide of humanity, I wonder how much longer ‘civilization’ will survive. One recent display of this idiotic self-destruction was demonstrated when South Carolina sprayed chemical weapons known to destroy bees, necessary to produce much of the food we eat: Carpet bombing the country with insecticide, was “wildly successful”. Scheduled for daytime when pollinators are active, the chemical weapons obliterated honeybee pollinators, resulting in a devastating scene that looked “like it’s been nuked”.  

The excuse for this spraying to kill “Zika mosquitoes”, another hoax by ‘our’ government; The Zika virus hysteria is another CDC campaign, just like the H1N1 and bird flu scares before. In Brazil, the year after a government-mandated vaccine program for pregnant women, there was a surge of babies born with microcephaly. No one is ever allowed to doubt vaccine safety, so Zika was blamed, even though Zika had been around for 75 years and never produced this problem.

The Empire is destroying all we know and love, to profit a very small group.  Our grandchildren may not survive.  Most honest scientists involved in environmental studies understand this but, the world is confused because of the vast amount of money spent by Exxon, Peabody coal and the rest, to create doubt in your mind. You can’t say humans have no effect on our environment. The condition of our water, ground and air are easy to see.

When I talk about these things, identifying America, it doesn’t work well.  I don’t want to blame all this on America because this Empire is above our country.  Most of our political leaders are controlled by a Global group.  Our military isn’t controlled by Americans who understand the reality of our wars around the world, but by the Empire’s elites who use their power to confuse and manipulate the minds of people worldwide.  The media makes sure all of this stays unchallenged.

We need a name for this villain. Calling it the Empire is too vague.  I think the label needs some part of America in it, even though there’s so much else from other countries, especially Israel and England, that make up the structure of the Global Empire. 

America dominates world diplomacy, media, financial structure, trade, military ‘AID’, entertainment, science, corporate global structure.  The Empire is, on the face of it, American, but it’s not just American. 

What do we call it? There’s got to be a clear name for this monster which is destroying everything. Include the 65 people who have more money than most of the world where reality is, one dollar, one vote. This monster is always able to conjure up terrorist false flags, playing one poor country against another, so these elites become richer and the targets become so destitute that the powerful, can move in and steal resources at bargain prices, as our world becomes more polluted and unlivable, not just for humans but for all creatures with which we share the world.

Iran calls America the great Satan for what we’ve done to them for the last hundred years.

We’re directly on a path creating the world seen in the movie: Soylent Green and Orwell’s 1984. In some ways we’ve already surpassed Orwell’s visions. Our wars aren’t intended for victory but to be continuous.

‘Consumers’ say they believe little of what they hear and see from the mainstream media and yet they repeat these ‘official’ truths as though it was true. Asking questions isn’t a sign of disloyalty. It’s a sign of the kind of intelligence this country needs to stop the insanity and find the right track.

Some believe that eventually enough of us will find the conditions of our existence intolerable and then we’ll do something. No one has found a way to do it so far. In a culture as dedicated as ours is to distractions and denial, I don’t think we stand a chance of making the changes we need.

Craig Dudley