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Legendary Guitarist Steve Katz Pays a Visit to the Jones House; One-Man Concert Held Friday, Aug. 22

by Madison Fisler Lewis

Aug. 21, 2014. Many will remember the tunes of the iconic band, Blood, Sweat and Tears, the jazz-rock group that rocked its way through the 60s and 70s after originally forming in New York City. Lovers of Blood, Sweat and Tears rejoice! On Friday, Aug. 21, the Jones House in downtown Boone will host original member Steve Katz for a one-man show featuring music and stories from throughout his career.

music_feature1-1“He is going to be doing a one-person retrospective of his career in music, which has been really long and interesting,” said Mark Freed, cultural programs coordinator at the Jones House.

“It will be him with a handful of guitars, solo, singing songs from throughout his career. He will also be telling some stories. He hasn’t done a show like this in the area before.”

The show itself will be extremely varied in content.

“He has dabbled in a lot of stuff,” Freed said. “He was an original member of Blood, Sweat and Tears, so he will be doing some of that music. He will be doing some stuff from the Blue Project. He also has gotten really into a couple of world styles on the guitar. He was a big producer of an Irish band called the Horse Lips and he ended up working for major record companies. He plays some flamenco guitar, he is pretty varied and he will do a lot from his early career.”

This show is part of a small tour. Katz will play the Jones House just after a show in Lexington, KY. Afterwards, Katz will be making his way to Newberry, S.C.

“I think that Blood, Sweat and Tears has a huge fan base everywhere, they were really very important in their era,” Freed said. “Not everyone knows about his career as a producer, they just know his music. The weather is supposed to be nice, so I think we will have a great turnout. I expect a lawn full!”

For more information about this show or others on the Jones House Lawn, click here or call 828-268-6280.