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Law Enforcement on Lookout for Blue Subaru with Broken Window, Driver Posed as Skyline Employee

By Jesse Wood

June 13, 2014. Watauga County Sheriff Len Hagaman wants the public aware of an incident that occurred in Western Watauga on Thursday.

A caller said a man in a blue Subaru that featured a broken window with Tennessee tags parked in the caller’s driveway. A woman passenger was in the car. The man got out of the car, walked to the caller’s door and claimed that he worked for Skyline.

The caller stated that no service from Skyline was requested. The man got in his car and drove away, after which the caller called Skyline and asked if they sent a service person to that residence. Skyline stated no.

Hagaman said that the broken window in the blue Subaru was covered with plastic and duct tape.

“If anyone encounters these suspects posing as Skyline (or any other utility provider), or sees the described vehicle, contact local law enforcement,” Hagaman said.