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Lasting Impressions: Seniors Reflect on WHS’ Sense of Community, Supportive Teachers; Graduation Ceremony Takes Place Saturday

Editor’s Note: The graduation ceremony for 343 WHS students takes place at the Holmes Convocation Center on Saturday, June 13, beginning at 10 a.m.

By Jesse Wood

On Saturday, Watauga High School seniors will attend their graduation ceremony at the Holmes Convocation Center on the campus of Appalachian State University.

And then they begin the next chapter of their lives.

In addition to the dozens of students from Watauga High School who secured tens of thousands – perhaps hundreds of thousands – of dollars in scholarships listed below, Watauga County Schools recognized six individual students during the presentation of school-sponsored awards last week:

Valedictorian Recognition:  Mackenzie Nelsen

Salutatorian Recognition: Austin Lubkemann

Student Body President: Joelle Page

Senior Class President: Ali Maupin

Pioneer Citizenship Awards: Abby Carson, Kauner Michael

High Country Press reached out to these six students to shine a spotlight on their achievements as well as to see what their future plans look like. In speaking to them, two things stuck out as the students reflected on their time at Watauga High School – a sense of community and the support from the teachers.

“I would say the one thing I enjoyed the most about Watauga is the community and the fact that it feels like a big family there and the support from teachers and the community is really impressive in Watauga High School,” WHS senior Joelle Page said. “It’s something I think is unique to our high school.”

Page’s reflection seemed to sum up the response of the other excellent students that High Country Press was able to reach.

Abby Carson

Abby Carson
Abby Carson

Senior Abby Carson received several scholarship offers. Those include the Harold Dean Beach Memorial Scholarship Program, a soccer scholarship, academic scholarship and Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corporation scholarship.

She was also recognized as member of National Honor Society, American Red Cross Blood Donor, DECA Honor Cord Recipient, one of two recipients for the Leigh Cooper PE Award and Pioneer Citizenship Award.

Daughter of Stacey and Laura Carson, Abby will now continue her education at Queens University in Charlotte, where she has “no idea” what she wants to do yet. However, she said she enjoyed a marketing class at WHS, so she is thinking about going into the great business program at Queens University.

As for her time at WHS?

“It was just great to have so many teachers and have every single one of my teachers always support me, and they were always there to help me and that influenced me in where I wanted to go to college,” Abby said.

She noted that Queens University has a 13 to 1 student-teacher ratio as opposed to some of the larger colleges where close to 100 students might be in the same class.

“I knew from high school that I really did well because the teachers cared so much,” Abby said.

Kauner Michael


Senior Kauner Michael was also a recipient of the Pioneer Citizenship Award. Michael, too, received a number of scholarship offers and recognitions for his time at Watauga High School and his work in the community.

He received the following scholarships or recognitions: Boone Optimist Club Essay Contest winter, Boone Rotary Student of the Year, Gregory Newton Norris Memorial Scholarship, Lan O’Loughlin Personal Achievement Award, Watauga County Association of Educators Scholarship, National Honor Society Member, American Red Cross Blood Donor and Empty Bowls Leadership Award.

Kauner said that the latter recognition was the “biggest thing for me.” As a freshman, he found out about the Empty Bowls Supper, which raises money to combat hunger. He thought it was a “cool” event, so he volunteered with the program for his sophomore, junior and senior years.

In addition, he worked with the inaugural lighting of the tree fundraiser to fight cancer at the hospital and helped pack 10,000 meals to combat hunger across the globe.

“It’s been gratifying to be in a position to lead students in such great volunteer work,” Kauner said. “That’s been fun.”

Kauner will attend UNC-Chapel Hill, where he plans to study medical physics to prepare himself for the radiation oncology field to treat cancer. Kauner said after his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, he developed a desire to go into this particular field. Kauner noted that his mother has been in remission for little over two years now.

As for his time at Watauga High School, Kauner said that his time there has been great.

“I have had nothing but great, passionate teachers and enthusiastic classmates and a lot of the people I’ve worked with – both teachers and peer-wise – have been really passionate about learning and teachers others,” Kauner said.

He noted that he truly felt a “sense of community” at Watauga High School and that the WHS family feels like a second family, his “home away from home.”

Austin Lubkemann


Senior Austin Lubkemann is the 2014-15 school year salutatorian at Watauga High School, and he received numerous scholarship offers, awards and recognitions, too.

Here’s a sampling of those:

– ASU Academic Excellence Scholarship
– ASU New River Light & Power Scholarship
– Blowing Rock Rotary Club Scholarship Program
– Blue Scholarship – John & Ruth Blue Endowment
– Boone Civitan Club – Carl Fiddler Scholarship Program
– Boone Roundball Classic Student Athlete Scholarship
– Lan O’Loughlin Personal Achievement Award
– Recognition of National Honor Society Members
– WHS Salutatorian Recognition

Asked about his achievements, Lubkemann said, “Yeah, I am pleased. It was a lot of hard work.”

Lubkemann said he was also captain of his varsity and junior varsity soccer teams during his senior and sophomore years. He was actively involved in his Mount Vernon Bapstist Church youth group and played cello in honors chorus.

Lubkemann will stay close to home with plans to attend Appalachian State University. He said he’s excited about attending App and studying biology, particularly neurosurgery or sports medicine.

As for his time at Watauga, Lubkemann said, “It’s been nice. I’ve really enjoyed the teachers. Many of them have invested a lot in me, especially Woody McKay.”

Joelle Page


In addition to being student body president, Joelle represented the students on the Watauga County Board of Education. She received the Mountaineer Ruritan, Pat Baker ‘DARE’ Memorial Scholarship and Boone United Methodist Women’s scholarships and was recognized as a National Honor Society member. 

She was also chair of football and basketball for all four years, the secretary of NHS and vice president of Fellowship for Christian Athletes – in addition to being involved with her church and youth groups.

She will be attending UNC-Charlotte and plans to major in business. She said she would like to be a wedding and event planner in the future.

During her time at Watauga High School, she said she has grown as a person and a leader. Finding herself in several leadership roles during this time, Page said that she has grown a lot in “character, leadership and morals.”

See her quote at beginning of article on the sense of community at WHS and excellent support she received from teachers there.


Mackenzie Nelson 

Mackenzie Nelson is the 2014-15 school year valedictorian at WHS. A winner of the Morehead-Cain Foundation merit scholarship program, she will receive a full ride to UNC-Chapel Hill.

Nelsen is president of the National Honor Society and captain of the girls’ varsity soccer team. Mackenzie is also a standout musician; twice she has been selected to the North Carolina All-State Orchestra.

Interested in environmental science and biochemistry, Mackenzie is considering careers in academia or environmental engineering. She is the daughter of Patricia and William Nelsen III.

Ali Maupin

Ali Maupin was recognized as WHS’ senior class president.

Other recognitions and awards Maupin earned include National Honor Society Member, American Red Cross Blood Donor Recognition, Soprano Award, DECA Honor Cord Recipient, International Thesbian Society Recognition and Excellence in Theatre Arts. She also played varsity tennis for four years in high school.


Maupin received a non-resident merit scholarship to Clemson University but said she will be attending N.C. State following graduation. She is looking to major in English and Secondary Education in hopes of becoming an English teacher in high school.

“I definitely think since Watauga is the only high school there is a sense of community with everyone there and you get to know your teachers really well … and you form a bond and relationship that comes in handy your senior year,” Maupin said. “It’s been a good place to spend four years and has been a lot of fun.”

Maupin added that by being “behind the scene” while on the student council as class vice president last year and president this year, she’s come to appreciate all of the hard work of teachers, staff and students “so much more.”

See a list of other scholarship and recognitions for all of the students at WHS below.

2015 WHS Scholarship Recipients

Adam Galleher Memorial Scholarship

Presenters: Larry Jones, Candis Walker, Steve Ward

Recipients: Gray Huffman, Ryan Poole

Alpha Delta Kappa Teaching Scholarship

Presenter: Stephanie Weeks

Recipients: Grace Bowling, Rachel Hawkins, Ben Watson

American Red Cross Scholarship

Presenter: Revonda Wood

Recipients: Emma Freeman, Emily Goodnight

Anita B. Eppley Spanish Education Scholarship Program

Presenter: Carmen Scoggins

Recipient: Grace Bowling

Annie Clawson Sharpton Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Presenter: Michael Owen

Recipient: Andrea Howell

ASU Academic Excellence Scholarship

Presenter: Diana Beasley

Recipients: Annika Davidson, Rachel Foust, Josh Hobbs, Evan Jones, Roby Lesesne, Austin Lubkemann, Gabriella Neufeld, Victoria Stapleton, Hung Ta

ASU Barbara Poovey Burgin Scholarship

Presenter: Diana Beasley

Recipient: Evan Jones

ASU Diversity Scholarship and Leigh Ann Cable Scholarship

Presenter: Diana Beasley

Recipient: Hung Ta

ASU Reich College of Education Scholarship

Presenter: Diana Beasley

Recipient: Grace Bowling

ASU New River Light & Power Scholarship

Presenter: Diana Wilcox

Recipients: Annika Davidson, Rachel Foust, Josh Hobbs, Evan Jones, Roby Lesesne, Austin Lubkemann, Gabriella Neufeld, Victoria Stapleton

ASU Army ROTC Scholarship

Presenter: MSG Micah Hawthorne

Recipient: Brett Aldridge

Blowing Rock Community Foundation Scholarship

Presenter: Sandy Miller

Recipient: Tucker Chasteen, Austin Northern, Rachel Norwood, Lily Weeks

Blowing Rock Community Foundation Rankin Scholarship

Presenter: Sandy Miller

Recipient: Sarah Gailes

Blowing Rock Community Foundation Stevens Scholarship

Presenter: Sandy Miller

Recipient: Haley Banks Harwood 

Blowing Rock Frameworks and Gallery Art Scholarship

Presenter: Tim Miller

Recipient: Zachary Langdon

Blowing Rock Rotary Club Scholarship Program

Presenter: Chuck Canady

Recipients: Austin Lubkemann, Grace Plyler

Blowing Rock Women’s Club Scholarship Program

Presenter: Rita White

Recipients: Katie Alexander, Haley Banks Harwood, Courtney Kapral

Blue Ridge Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine Resiliency Scholarship

Presenter: Dr. Clint Zimmerman

Recipient: Andrea Howell

Blue Scholarship – John & Ruth Blue Endowment

Presenter: Jim Deal

Recipient: Michael Holland, Austin Lubkemann

Blue Star Mothers of the High Country Scholarship

Presenters: Terri Reynolds, Sara Rice

Recipient: Brittany Trivette

Boone Civitan Club – Carl Fiddler Scholarship Program

Presenter: Michael Owen

Recipient: Austin Lubkemann

Boone Optimist Club Essay Contest

Presenter: Steve Wilson

Recipient: Kauner Michael

Boone Optimist Cosmetology Scholarship

Presenter: Steve Wilson

Recipients: Elaina Gragg, Jasmine McGee

Boone Optimist Tool Scholarship for Auto Mechanics

Presenter: Steve Wilson

Recipients: Gray Huffman, Cody Townsend

Boone Rotary Club Scholarship Program

(for students attending Caldwell Community College)

Presenter: Tim Hagaman

Recipient: Madison Brown

Boone Rotary Student of the Year

Presenter: Tim Hagaman

Recipient: Kauner Michael

Boone Roundball Classic Student Athlete Scholarship

Presenter: Andy Eggers

Recipients: Madison Brown, Nathan Ford

Boone Service League Scholarship

Presenter: Kathleen Haynes

Recipients: Austin Lubkemann, Jodi Schlenker

Boone Sunrise Rotary Scholarship Program

Presenter: Dr. Leslie Smith, MD

Recipient: Grace Bowling

CCC&TI Margaret “Peg” McQueen Broyhill Scholarship

Presenter: David Sanders

Recipients: Madison Brown, Krystal Cranston

CCC&TI Dream Scholar

Presenter: David Sanders

Recipients: Elizabeth Buckner, Chance Church, Theresa Church, Autumn Greigo, Jessie Hagaman, Jacob Henson, Andrea Howell, Landan Stahl, Brittany Trivette, Brandon Warren, Cierra Wolfe

CCC&TI Orville & Grace Peterson Scholarship

Presenter: David Sanders

Recipient: Jadus Combs

Clyde Kilby Memorial Cosmetology

Presenter: Torrey Greene

Recipient: Natalie Oakes Townsend

Coach Carter Lentz Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by Snow Masonic Lodge 363

Presenter: Joseph Miller

Recipients: Tucker Chasteen, Kristen Gill

Deerfield Women’s Trish Burkhart Memorial Scholarship Program

Presenters: Jeannie Caviness , Sherry McCray

Recipient: Allie WIlson

East Carolina University Access Scholarship, Honors College Scholarship, Robert H. Maier Memorial Scholarship

Presenter: Melonie T. Bryan

Recipient: Andy Li

Erin Elizabeth Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Presenter: Becky Steele, Kelly Stollings

Recipient: Diane Potter

Golden Leaf Scholarship Program

Presenter: Michael Owen

Recipient: Andrea Howell, Alexander Reese

Greensboro College Set Design/Technical Theater Scholarship

Presenter: Sarah Miller

Recipient: Gabby Moody

Gregory Newton Norris Memorial Scholarship

Presenter: Candis Walker

Recipient: Kauner Michael

Harold Dean Beach Memorial Scholarship Program

Presenter: Candis Walker

Recipient: Abby Carson

James and Grace Beach Elementary Education Scholarship

Presenter: Michael Owen

Recipient: Grace Bowling

JOOI Club Volunteer Service Scholarship

Presenter: Terri Reynolds

Recipients: Renee Taylor, Brittany Trivette

Katrina Michelle Winsor Memorial Scholarship

Presenter: Zach Walker

Recipient: Anna Prewitt

Lan O’Loughlin Personal Achievement Award

Presenter: Woody McKay

Recipients: Austin Lubkemann, Kauner Michael

Lees McRae Scholarship

Presenter: Nathan Reeves

Recipient: Emma Freeman

Leigh Cooper Wallace Scholarship

Presenter: Holley Quick

Recipient: Katie Marks

LifeStore Bank Scholarship

Presenter: Judy Current

Recipient: Andrea Howell

Margaret Gragg PEO Sisterhood Scholarship

Presenter: Lida Boren

Recipient: Rachel Hawkins

Meat Camp Baptist Church Scholarship

Presenter: Larry Osborne

Recipient: Laurie Greene

Military Officers Association of America

Presenter: Bob Gibbard

Recipient: Brittany Trivette

Morehead-Cain Scholarship

Presenter: Christine Anderson

Recipient: Mackenzie Nelsen

Mountaineer Ruritan Club Scholarship

Presenter: Candis Walker

Recipients: Andrea Howell, Joelle Page, Brittany Trivette

National Guard Association Scholarship

Presenter: Richard Crump

Recipient: Andrea Howell

National Merit Scholarship Program

Presenter: Michael Owen

Recipients: Garrett Barlow, Lily Weeks

Pat Baker “DARE” Memorial Scholarship Program

Presenter: Captain Kelly Redmon

Recipient: Joelle Page

SECU “People Helping People” Scholarship Program

Presenter: Mike Coston

Recipient: Haley Banks Harwood

Skyline Frank L James Scholarship

Presenter: Joe McNeil

Recipients: Savanna Copeland, Andrea Howell

Watauga County Association of Educators Scholarship

Presenter: Jennifer Lacy

Recipients: Kauner Michael, Ben Watson

Watauga County Association of Retired School Personnel

Presenter: Bill Winkler

Recipient: Teresa Church

Watauga Education Foundation Katie Swift Reese Scholarship

Presenter: Margaret Moore

Recipient: Ben Watson

Watauga High Class of 2004 Memorial Scholarship

Presenter: Tammie Hill

Recipient: Savanna Copeland

William Mast Memorial Scholarship

Presenter: Charles Gilliam, William Gilliam, Gary Harmon

Recipient: Brittany Trivette

Special Presentations

The Dr. N.A. Miller Award for Significant Contribution to WHS

Presenter: Marshall Gasperson

Recipient: Garrett Barlow

Principal’s Award

Presenter: Marshall Gasperson

Recipient: Nathan Ford

Other Scholarships Awarded/Offered

As reported by members of the Class of 2015

Patricia Katie Alexander

Centere College Founder’s Scholarship

Furman Bell Tower Scholarship

Furman Honors Scholarship

Wake Forest Merit Scholarship

Wesleyan First Award

Brook Blackwell

LU Champion


Academic Scholarship

Jonathon Carlson

UNCW Honors Merit Scholarship

Boone United Methodist Women’s Scholarship

Abby Carson

Soccer Scholarship

Academic Scholarship

BREMCO Scholarship

Gillian Cone

Presidential Scholarship

Nate Fischer

Johnston Scholarship

Jesslynn Forsythe



Jacob  Fournier-Williams

Athletic Scholarship

Zachary Fournier-Williams

Athletic Scholarship

Academic Scholarship

Rachel Foutz

Martha Guy Summer Institute

Kenan Foxx

Academic Scholarship

Athletic Scholarship

Kirsten  Ginipro

W R Winslow Agriculture Scholarship

Virginia Tech Scholars Scholarship

Virginia Tech Grant

Matilda  Gragg

Wingate Academic Merit Scholarship

Hannah Hampton

BREMCO Scholarship

Hannah  Harris

UNCC Athletic Scholarship

Adam  Hendrix

Deep Gap Ruritan Scholarship

Kaitlin  Horne

HPU Academic Scholarship

Jacklyn  Howell

Wingate Academic Merit Scholarship

Elise  Lehr

Christian Leadership Scholarship

Academic Scholarship

Kathleen  Mansure

Marion White Fisher MD Centennial Scholarship

UNCG Athletic Scholarship

Ali  Maupin

Clemson Non-Resident Merit Scholarship

Dakota  McCrary

Athletic Scholarship

Jasmine  McGee

USA Skills Scholarship

Bridget  McKinney

Wingate Presidential Scholarship

Mars Hill Scholarship

Barry University Scholarship

Kauner  Michael

Boone Optimist Essay Contest

Michael  Moser

Woodrow Scholars Award

Rachel  Norwood

NC Rescue Association

Sarah Joelle Page

Boone United Methodist Women’s Scholarship

Grace  Plyler

Academic Scholarship

Academic Service Scholarship

Liberty Champion

Pastor/Alumni Scholarship

Ryan Poole

Tulsa Welding Half Tuition Scholarship

Clint  Poteat

SSVFD Junior Firefighter Scholarship

Travis  Poulos

Presidential Scholarship

Alex Reese

Tulsa Welding Full Tuition Scholarship

Jenny  Schlenker

Virginia Tech Winslow Agriculture Scholarship

Colorado State Dean’s Scholarship

ASU Staff Senate

Jodi  Schlenker

Deep Gap Rotary Scholarship

ASU Staff Senate Scholarship

Harrison  Shaw

Academic Merit Scholarship

Victoria  Stapleton

2015 National MS Society Golden Corral Scholarship

Zachary  Styron

Academic Merit Scholarship

Track Scholarship 

Hung  Ta

ASU Academic Excellence

ASU Diversity Scholar

Leigh Ann Cable Memorial

Anne  Taylor

Presidential Scholarship

Renee  Taylor

Boone United Methodist Women’s Scholarship

High Country Wildlife Conservancy Scholarship

Brittany  Trivette

Ruby A. Trivette Ruritan Scholarship

Ben  Watson

Wingate Music Scholarship

Lily  Weeks

Dr. H. William Allsup Endowed Scholarship

National Scholars Presidential Scholarship (Auburn University)

Allison  Wilson

Mississippi College Dean’s Scholarship

Alumni Dependent Scholarship

Sibling Scholarship

Dakota  Wilson

Academic Scholarship

Ian  Winek

College Scholarship to Wake Forest

Paula S. Henson Scholarship

Wake Forest Scholarship

Mary Margaret  Zrull

Kentucky Heritage Scholarship

University of Kentucky School of Music

Ohio Premier Scholarship

Ohio Trustee Scholarship

Cooper Scholars Tuition Award

University of South Carolina School of Music Scholarship

Alpha Delta Kappa Marley-Berger Fine Arts Scholarship


Academic Achievement

Recognition of National Honor Society Members

Brett Aldridge, Katie Alexander, Brook Blackwell, Ruby Boisclair, Ashley Branaman, Jonathon Carlson, Abby Carson, Catherine Catoe, Sarah Combs, Rebecca Dowdy, Emma Freeman, Rachel Foutz, Margaret Furman, Kristen Gill, Emily Goodnight, Victoria Greene, Clare Harris, Haley Harwood, Rachel Hawkins, Connor Heinen, Adam Hendrix, Sierra Hill, Josh Hobbs, Michael Holland, Evan Jones, Zac Jones, Emily Kane, Margaret Kavanaugh, Amanda Langston, Belle Lehmann, Elise Lehr, Destin Lerch, Roby Lesesne, Ryan Loflin, Caroline Lovins, Austin Lubkemann, Kathleen Mansure, Katherine Marks, Ali Maupin, Tanner McGuire, Kauner Michael, Stephen Miller, Taylor Moser, Mackenzie Nelsen, Joelle Page, Sarah Patton, Anna Prewitt, Jenny Schlenker, Jodi Schlenker, Elle Sloboda, William Spinetto, James Stanley, Victoria Stapleton, Renee Taylor, Austin Tester, Brittany Trivette, Matt Tyndall, Emma VanGilder, Ben Watson, Lily Weeks, Allison Wilson, Ian Winek, Taylor Woolridge, Mary Margaret Zrull


Outstanding Student in Agriculture Award:  Madison Bolick

FFA (Future Farmers of America) Award:  Kayla Ellison

Allied Health Sciences

CNA Recipients Fall 2014: Olivia Bledsoe, Nereyda Corrales Escobar, Kristi McGlamery, Makenzie Presnell, Miranda Wright

CNA Recipients Spring 2015: Madison Bolick, DJ Bowden, Madison Brown, Nick Caudill, Kristen Coffey, Sarah Combs, Kayla Ellison, Maggie Furman,  Emily Goodnight, Kaitlin Horne, Andrea Howell, Cheyenna Isaacs, Danielle Kessee, Haley Miller, Rachel Norwood, Rebecca Rice, Colby Scott, Meredith Shields,  Hung Ta, Brittany Trivette

American Red Cross Blood Donor Recognition:

Patricia Alexander, Raheim Andrews, Madison Bolick, DJ Bowden, Victoria Branch, Abby Carson, Catherine Catoe, William Caudill, Kristen Coffey, Chloee Delano, Dajuana Edwards, Maggie Furman, Kristen Gill, Thomas Gilley, Emily Goodnight, Elaina Gragg, Gregory Grubb, Shelby Hatton, Andrea Howell, Cheyenna Isaacs, Dani Keesee, Sarah Lehmann, Andrew Li, Katherine Marks, Ali Maupin, Kristi McGlamery, Kauner Michael, Haley Miller, Michael Moser, Rachel Norwood, Grace Plyler, Makenzie Presnell, Alyssa Quinn, Rebecca Rice, Katie Replogle, Elizabeth Sanders, Colby Scott, Elle Sloboda, Caleb Stoudt, Hung Ta, Griffin Uschelbec, Caleb Vance, Christian Wallace, Ben Watson, Ian Winek, Alexis Wolken


Trail Blazer Award: TJ Poulos

Hall of Fame Award: Sierra Hill

Bill Ross Service Award: Christy Walker (parent)

Automotive Technology

Automotive Systems Certification – Basic Engine Performance: Jacob Carson, Kayn Greene, Christopher Huffman, Al Lewis, Catrina Shannon, Cody Townsend

Automotive Systems Certification – Basic Under Car: Ben Earwood, Cameron Fogle


Arion Award: Mary Margaret Zrull

John Phillip Sousa Award: Brandon Porter

Louis Armstrong:  Brandon Porter

National School Orchestra Award: Mackenzie Nelsen

Business Education Awards: Trevor Carney, Kayla Ellison, Katy Guinn, Michael Porter

Career Readiness Certificate Recipients

BRONZE: DJ Bowden, Nereyda Corrales Escobar, Elaina Gragg, Cody Hampton, Patrick Hollingsworth, Natalie Oakes-Townsend, Clint Poteat, Makenzie Presnell, Lillie Smith, Zachary Styron, Nathanial Trivette, Savannah Ward, Alexis Watson, Paul Wellborn

SILVER: Megan Ashley, Olivia Bledsoe, Madison Bolick, Madison Brown, Elizabeth Buckner, Ricky Canter, Trevor Carney, Jacob Carson, Ryan Church, Sarah Combs, Robert Critcher, Justin Dishman, Kayla Ellison, Kaitlyn Erwin,  Dennis Finger, Nathan Ford, Jacob Fournier-Williams, Rachel Foutz, Margaret Furman,  Thomas Gilley, Laurie Greene, Vanessa Greene, Kayn Greene, Andrew Greer, Jessie Hagaman, Nicholas Hammac, Hannah Hampton, Nayeli Hernandez, Dakota Huffman, Christopher Huffman, Kennedy Kavanaugh, Graham Langdon, Dylan Lawrence, Jasmine McGee, Camden McLean, Haley Miller, Samuel Milner, Michael Moser, Gabriela Neufeld, Tyler Nigro, Clay Norris, Rachel Norwood, Connor Pate, Ethan Phillips, Michael  Porter, Ethan Quirion, Elizabeth Rawls, Rebecca Rice, Landan Stahl, Eric Strickland, Hung Ta, Jonathan Teague, Cody Townsend, Brittany Trivette, Bethany Tucker, Brandon Warren, Eric Weaver, Steve Whitt, Miranda Wright

GOLD: Jacob Antonucci, David Brown, William Caudill, Chandler Clark, Kristen Coffey, Jadus Combs, James Files, Cameron Fogle, Kenan Foxx, Emily Goodnight, Gabriel Greaves, John Greene, Victoria Greene, Adam Greene, Katy Guinn, Adam Hodges, Kaitlin Horne, Jacklyn Howell, Andrea Howell, Robert Indicott, Cheyenna Isaacs, Utah Jones, Danielle Keesee, Ethan Lewis, Albert Lewis, Jason Luttrell, Katherine Marks, Kristi McGlamery, Mark Moore, Zachary Pifer, Ryan Poole, Alexander Reese, Joshua  Rominger, Colby Scott, Catrina Shannon, Meredith Shields, Zebulon South, Victoria Stapleton, Austin Tester, Alexander Wetmore

Choral Arts Awards

Soprano Award: Ali Maupin

Alto Award: Victoria Stapleton

Tenor Award: Andy Li, Renee Taylor

Bass Award:  Zac Jones

Honors Chorus Award: Evan Jones

Sondra Edwards Choral Award: Zac Jones

Computer Science Award:

Brandon Howell Family Scholarship: Tyler Price

Cosmetology Certificate: Elaina Gragg, Jasmine McGee, Natalie Oakes Townsend

Determination Award: Harrison Shaw, Leeza Sebree

Drafting Award: Cameron Fogle

English Award: Gillian Cone

Family and Consumer Sciences

ServSafe Certificate: Jack Vilas, Katie Marks, Selena Wilson

French Award: Gillian Cone, Mary Margaret Zrull


Quill & Scroll Honor Society Recognition: Caitlin Barrier, David Brown, Holly Haglan, Destin Lerch, Andy Li, Sarah Patton, Diane Potter

Journalism Award: Diane Potter

Marine Corps JROTC

Military Officers Association of America Medal: Brittany Trivette

American Legion Bronze Medal for Scholastic Excellence: Brett Aldridge

Marketing/DECA Awards: Jack Greene, Tori Greene

DECA Honor Cord Recipients: Jacob Antonucci, Abby Carson, Tucker Chasteen, Gillian Cone, Helen Cornett, Raul Fornoni, Kenan Foxx, Jack Greene, Tori Greene, Zac Jones, Kennedy Kavanaugh, Belle Lehmann, Ali Maupin, Stephen Miller, Taylor Moser, Gab Neufeld, Sarah Patton, Michael Porter, Will Spinetto, James Stanley, Taylor Woolridge

Mathematics Award: Katie Marks

Physical Education

PE & Healthful Living Awards: Raheim Andrews, Madison Bolick, Tucker Chasteen, Nick Hammac, Jackie Howell, Ryan Loflin, Miranda Wright, TJ Poulos, Hunter Shore, Nick Watson, James Stanley

The Tommy Wright PE Award:  Nate Ford

The Leigh Cooper Wallace PE Award: Abby Carson, Sierra Hill

Science Award: Mackenzie Nelsen

Social Studies Awards: Nate Fischer, Garrett Barlow

Spanish Award: Teri Church

Studio Crafts

Empty Bowls Leadership Awards: Kirsten Ginipro, Kauner Michael

Theatre Arts

International Thespian Society Recognition

Katie Alexander, Brook Blackwell, Nick Bozeman, Jonathon Carlson, Teri Church, Gillian Cone, Rebecca Dowdy, James Files, Caleb Guenther, Connor Heinen, Andrea Howell, Evan Jones, Zac Jones, Zach Langdon, Elise Lehr, Andy Li, Ali Maupin, Aly Miller, Thomas Miller, Gabrielle Moody, Anna Prewitt, Shannon Ray, Bailey Reis, Kendell Schaffer, Devinne Snook, James Stanley, Caleb Stoudt, Renee Taylor, Ben Watson, Lily Weeks

Excellence in Technical Theatre:   Thomas Miller, Gabby Moody

Excellence in Theatre Arts:  Ali Maupin, Aly Miller, Andy Li, Anna Prewitt, Ben Watson, Brook Blackwell, Caleb Stoudt, Evan Jones, James Stanley, Jonathon Felix Carlson, Renee Taylor, Zac Jones, Zach Langdon

The Toni Award: Corey Swift, Elizabeth Presnell, Paul Wellborn

Travis Gryder Athletes for Good Award: Justin Greer, Hunter Isaacs, TJ Poulos

Visual Arts

National Art Honor Society Recognition:

Kirsten Ginipro, Caroline Lovins, Andrew Li, Kayla Wilcox, Catherine Catoe, Nicolas Woody

Excellence in Visual Arts: Brook Blackwell, Autumn Griego, Zach Langdon, Bennett Lloyd, Caroline Lovins, Sequoyah Wildwyn-Dechter

Yearbook Award:  Sarah Patton


Valedictorian Recognition:  Mackenzie Nelsen

Salutatorian Recognition: Austin Lubkemann

Student Body President: Joelle Page

Senior Class President: Ali Maupin

Pioneer Citizenship Awards: Abby Carson, Kauner Michael