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Korben Anderson Takes First in Blowing Rock Spelling Bee, Three-Way Tie for Second

Blowing Rock School Spelling Bee featured three-way tie for second place: Oliver Rupp, Korben Anderson (first), Jayme Greene, Zoey Zagst
The Spelling Bee at Blowing Rock School Thursday featured a roller coaster set of final rounds that concluded with eighth grader Korben Anderson winning the title and a three-way tie for second place.
The three runners-up included Jayme Greene (8th grade), Oliver Rupp (6th grade), and Zoey Zagst (4th grade). Ten classroom winners competed for the school championship.
The spelling Bee season in the Watauga County Schools started Monday as Mabel Elementary conducted its school Spelling Bee, the first of eight school-level competitions. The contestants at Mabel progressed to the school championship round based on their success at the classroom level. Read about Mabel’s spelling bee contest here. 

Spelling Bees will take place at each of the K-8 schools over the next two weeks and the Watauga County Schools championship will be held at 9 on Oct. 14 at the Margaret Gragg Education Center.