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Keller Williams Performing on February 9th at Beech Mountain Brewing Co. Taproom and Grill

By Joe Johnson

Weekends at Beech Mountain Resort are packed full of events to attend this winter season. Next Saturday, February 9, Beech Mountain Brewing Co. Taproom and Grill will be hosting a performance by the multitalented musician Keller Williams.

Keller Williams is a self-proclaimed “Acoustic Dance Music” artist whose performances must be seen live and in-person to fully appreciate. Williams himself explains Acoustic Dance Music as, “solo acoustic guitar and voice with every other song walking the line of electronica. If you need a title to file under try ‘electro-hippie acoustic downtempo.’ What kind of definition is that? It’s the kind of definition that will take you actually going to a show to decide for yourself and put it into your own words. This element of my life is what I refer to as my day job. Which is essentially me finding new ways to entertain myself on stage in front of an audience. Using technology and a technique, described by Dr. Didg, as live phrase sampling or looping, I am able to entertain myself for two sets. Nothing is prerecorded and all sounds and beats are created live by layering loops on top of one another and then singing or soloing over top of all of it.”

“Keller Williams is kind of like a one-man show,” said Talia Freeman, Marketing Director of Beech Mountain Resort, “He’s pretty talented to say the least. I just think he’s really captivating with his audience. Some people call him a ‘one-man jam band’ because he loops a lot of different instruments. When he’s playing there are a lot of different elements from a lot of different types of music: Bluegrass, blues, reggae… It’s really interesting to watch! He’s great. I definitely think it could sell out. It’s pretty incredible what he can do. It’s crazy when you watch him to think that it’s just one person doing that.”

Beech Mountain Resort hosts music performances and various other events in the Beech Mountain Brewing Co. Taproom and Grill, located in the resort village, across from Ski Beech Sports and adjacent to Lift 5. “Even when you’re in the Taproom and Grill it’s still an intimate experience. It’s a cool place to watch a show. It sounds great; Scott Hanes does all our sound and he really does a good job with all of the shows. It’s one of my favorite places to watch music and it’s not just because I work here. It’s a really cool place to watch a band,” said Talia Freeman, “We just had Devon Gilfillian and that was 1 of the top 10 shows we’ve ever booked; He was great. So we’re really excited about Keller Williams. Also, Dave Brewer’s Foscoe Four is coming up on the February 8; we all know Dave Brewer, he’s great. This Friday we’ve got our Girl Scout Cookies and beer pairing night with Dr. Bacon and a band called ‘Funk You’ performing on Saturday. In March we’ve got this awesome band called ‘The Commonheart’ and I’m really excited about it, it’s the first time we’ve had them. Then the week after that we have a band called ‘The Hip Abduction’ who I’ve been wanting to book for years! I’m really excited. Every single show for the rest of the season I’m excited to go to and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

If you are cautious about staying out late at night to attend any performances at Beech Mountain Resort, Freeman assures that the events are held during reasonable hours, “Most of the shows on Saturday nights start at 8 o’ clock and we usually finish at about 10. I think Keller’s show will go a little bit later; he’s going to finish at about 11 o’ clock.”

Tickets for Keller Williams are available in advance for $15 and will be available the day of the performance for $20. Doors will open at 7 p.m. and Keller Williams will begin performing at 8 p.m. Visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/live-music-with-keller-williams-tickets-50229331282 for more information about tickets for this event.