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Keir Gilchrist, Scout Taylor-Compton Board breaking and entering adventure story ‘An Intrusion’

Nicholas Holland wrote and directs the indie that also stars and is produced by Sam Logan Khaleghi.
Atypical star Keir Gilchrist, Sam Logan Khaleghi and Scout Taylor-Compton are starring in Nicholas Holland’s home invasion thriller An Intrusion, shooting in Detroit.

The Diamond Dead Media production portrays a family imprisoned in their own home while subjected to attacks and vandalism, as family patriarch Sam wonders if the assaults stem from an affair he had planned on taking to his grave, or something more sinister.

Dustin Prince was earlier attached to take on the lead role of Sam, while Gilchrist will play the boyfriend for one of Sam’s daughters and Logan Khaleghi will play Sam’s brother-in-law and business partner, Chris.

Taylor-Compton will co-star as Detective Savannah Simpson, assigned to solve a string of home break-ins and hostage situations that produce a twist ending for An Intrusion.


The ensemble cast includes Michael Emery, Erika Hoveland and Angelina Cama. Holland wrote and will produce and direct An Intrusion, with Logan Khaleghi sharing the producer credits.

“We assembled the perfect cast and crew to portray what I believe is a extremely vicious and nihilistic story so perfectly onscreen,” says Holland in a statement. The director’s genre movie credits include Wronged and the horror thriller Hunger Unholy.

Gilchrist stars in Netflix’s Atypical and also appeared in Castle in the Ground and It Follows. Halloween star Taylor-Compton will also appear in Lane Toran’s upcoming thriller Getaway Girls and Peter Engert’s Penance Lane.

Logan Khaleghi starred in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and is directing the upcoming thriller Devil’s Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge.