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TONIGHT: Local Artists Kate Rhudy and Shaun Couture to Play Intimate Show at Boone Saloon

This Friday, Sept. 16, Boone Saloon will host the musical stylings of past and present Boone locals Kate Rhudy and Shaun Couture. The night will begin with the dusty alt country of rambling man Shaun Couture of the Nude Party and will culminate with Kate Rhudy’s intimate melancholic folk. The show begins at 10 p.m.

Kate Rhudy
Rhudy performing at Boone Saloon. Photo by Kendall Bailey Photography

Both Shaun and Kate have had a defining presence within the Boone music scene during the past years, adding their personal touches to the diverse and thriving environment. Rhudy has been featured several times at Legends both as an opening act for national groups as well as a headliner. Couture has been ravaging house parties and bar gigs for several years with his psychedelic rock group, Nude Party.

Both Kate and Shaun have broken out of the Boone scene, touring regionally and picking up small festivals. Both have played Boone Saloon in the past as well. Attendees should expect an engaging night.

“I just want people to have a good time and come with open ears to the music we love and want to share. Come with dancing shoes and tears to shed,” said Couture. In an environment like Boone Saloon, attendees should have no problem connecting with these personal artists. The bar features great stage lighting and a carefully mixed top quality sound system alongside pool tables and a bar that cranks out late night foods in addition to drinks.

Kate Rhudy has a deeply personal style adapted from her interest in folk music.

It’s just me and my guitar, Doeyes, sharing some stories. I play my songs and some favorite songs of mine that other people wrote, and talk about them a little, what they mean to me,” said Rhudy. “The gnarly and complicated things in life find simplicity in music, I hope people can relate to mine.”

Rhudy is currently in the middle of a mini tour around the state. She is also recording her first full album of original tunes this winter to follow her EP New River Something, which can be found on Soundcloud. New River Something features Rhudy’s patent catchy slow melodies backed by a bluegrass styled string band.

Rhudy’s style and writing has earned her a strong following in Boone, where she lived for three years before moving back to Raleigh to pursue her music full time. Rhudy’s talent and tenacity to share her intimate music combine to represent a strong role model for aspiring female artists looking to break into the often male dominated music scene in Boone.

Couture relaxing with his guitar.

Shaun Couture has just recently begun to play his original work out for the public.

“I’d describe my act as mosey-ing into a dusty honky tonk while traveling along the Santa Fe trail, New Mexico by horseback,” said Couture. “I’m really influenced by older outlaw country and folk music. That music has an energy and influence from living on the road and rambling.”

Couture is currently recording an original EP and will return to Boone Oct. 6 with another local favorite, Clint Roberts.