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Just How Cold Was It? How Did Temperatures in Your Area Compare to Rest of the High Country Last Night

by Madison V. Fisler


Jan. 24, 2014. We sure hope you stayed as warm as you could last night. This morning, many temperatures around the High Country haven’t even broken zero yet.

According to Rays Weather, the temperature in Boone is 0.9 degrees, Appalachian Ski Mtn. is 1.4 degrees below, Blowing Rock hovers around 1 degree and snake mountain is a bone-chilling 4 below. Sugar and Beech Mountain are particularly frigid, with morning temperatures around 6 below zero.

According to Rays Weather, the temperatures for this week last year were significantly higher, breaking above freezing in many cases.

Last night, temperatures around the High Country got simply frigid.

According to Watauga County Road Conditions, this is already the third coldest Jan. 24 on record, breaking the mark of zero degrees in 2003. The coldest Jan. 24 on record got down to 15 degrees below zero in 1963.

According to Rays Weather, Appalachian Ski Mtn got down to 6.3 degrees below zero, Blowing Rock got down to 4.5 below, Boone’s lowest temperature was 3 below and Snake Mountain claims the lowest temperature of the day at 14 degrees below zero. Beech Mountain came it at a close second with temperatures plummeting to 12 below, tying with the top of Beech Mountain.

Grandfather Mountain reached 13.2 degrees below zero with a bone-chilling wind chill of 46.9 degrees below zero according to Kellen Short of Grandfather Mountain

It’s cold out there, folks, so make sure you bundle up and keep warm as temperatures are expected to stay low for a while. Watauga, Avery and Ashe counties are still under a wind chill warning, so take care to cover all exposed skin.

From all of us at High Country Press, please be careful in this frigid weather, and stay warm!

For more up to date information about the weather, visit RaysWeather’s website here.