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July Begins With Chilly Fourth of July, To End Nippy as Well; Records Set for Lowest Maximum Temp in Boone

By Jesse Wood

July 30, 2014. This July started out pretty chilly with temperatures dipping below 50 degrees the morning following Fourth of July and will end rather chilly as well – with temperatures again dipping below 50 degrees on the morning of Wednesday, July 30. The lowest temp of the month so far was 48.9 degrees on July 5 at 6:16 a.m. Those temps were for Boone and were recorded by RaysWeather.com.

Residents of and visitors atop Beech Mountain, of course, have felt even chillier temps – with six days of the month dipping below 50 degrees. The lowest temperature that Beech Mountain has recorded, courtesy of archives of RaysWeather.com, was 44.2 degrees this morning at 3:06 a.m.

“It isn’t often you hear people talking about how cool it is in July (except this summer). This is not a warning, but a heads up – it is a downhill slide after today. Clouds increase Thursday leading to showers late in the day, which hang around for the better half of the weekend. By the time Friday rolls around the chatter will go from ‘cool to chilly,’” RayWeather.com noted in its forecast discussion on Wednesday.

While the temperature has been chilly for most of the month, it didn’t come close to a record low of 38 degrees that Boone felt in 1947. However, Beech Mountain almost notched a low temperature of 44 degrees that occurred on July 1, 2008, according to archives at RaysWeather.com.

Not since 2008, have temperatures in Boone dipped below 50 degrees in July, according to RaysWeather.com. On July 2 of that year, the low temperature was 47.4 degrees. In the past few years, temperatures in July dipped below 60 degrees only 13 times.

Earlier in the month, David Still, a meteorologist with Rays Weather Center, said that while record low temperatures for Boone weren’t set, the area did “set records with reference to daily lowest maximum temperatures” on days in July. He also cited a report from National Weather Service, which doesn’t have official data for Boone, which stated that on July 18, Asheville set a lowest maximum temperature for that day of 68 degrees.

“The previous record lowest maximum temperature for July 18,” the report read, “was 70 degrees, which was set in 1891. Climatological records have continuously been kept for the Asheville area since 1869.”

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