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Join The Local P.A.S.S. on Aug. 18 to Support and Learn About Wine to Water

By Jessica Isaacs

The Local restaurant in Boone invites you to join this month’s P.A.S.S. charity event on Aug. 18 to support Wine to Water, a locally based nonprofit organization that’s reaching people in need across the globe.

Each month, The Local teams up with a nonprofit or organization in the area to shed light on that group’s mission and ongoing projects. When you join The Local for dinner at one of these events, you receive free appetizers, one raffle ticket and one free pint of beer, glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage.Wine to water poster Aug 18 2015

You can get your ticket at the door for the event you want to support, or buy a pass that will get you into each monthly event for the entire year. Whether you want to spend $10 or $100, The Local gives you a chance to give back.

This month, The Local focuses its attention on Wine to Water. Headquartered in Boone, this nonprofit organization works to provide sustainable clean water initiatives in needy communities around the world. The growing agency has clean water projects running in Sudan, India, Cambodia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Peru and Kenya.

W2W was established in 2003 by Doc Hendley. While working as a bartender in Raleigh, he realized potential in North Carolina’s bar and nightclub industry as a means for bringing about positive change in the world.Visit www.winetowater.org to learn more about W2W initiatives and how you can help.

The Local and its community partners have a lot in store for you this month. Make your way to dinner on Tuesday to get in on the fun! The restaurant will donate 10 percent of food sales from the evening’s festivities and 100 percent of raffle ticket sales (after initial purchase) to BRWI.

The Local is located at 179 Howard St. in downtown Boone. Call the restaurant at 828-266-2179 or visit the website for more information.

More About P.A.S.S. Charity Events at The Local

Purchasing a ticket, or a P.A.S.S., to the program earns event-goers prizes and benefits at different levels.

  • Each $10 Silver Pass includes entry to one event.
  • Each $50 Gold Pass includes entry to six events and a 5 percent discount on all food items for cardholders. The Gold Pass expires after one year.
  • Each $100 Platinum Pass includes entry to one year’s worth of monthly events and a 10 percent discount on all food items for cardholders. The Platinum Pass expires after 18 months.

The event will take place in the side room at the restaurant. Dinner guests won’t be required to purchase a ticket in order to enjoy dinner, but they’re welcomed to get in on the fun if they choose to do so.

The P.A.S.S. series represents the restaurant’s and the program’s core values:

  • PROVIDE: Provide fundraising opportunities through partnering with local philanthropic organizations, nonprofits, educators, social services and others that foster the well-being of the community.
  • ADVOCATE: Advocating for those in need by improving local social justice issues, education and supporting local organizations that need funding. Through this process, these organizations will be able to better serve their clients and ultimately impact the community overall.
  • SUSTAIN: Working towards a more self-sufficient community cycle. Utilizing local goods and services not only has a positive impact on the environment but also the local economy. Through supporting local economy, we can become more sustainable as individual businesses. In addition, we are creating a small sustainable culture through increasing the overall health of the community, through partnering with organizations driven toward the service and growth of the community’s needs.
  • SYNERGY: Combining different services to reach higher potential than the individual services alone. We are more than just the sum of our businesses added together — we are synergistic. By partnering with services that individually may have need, we can build more robust identities through working together.