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Inmates Assist Avery County Detention Officer in Jail Attack; Inmates Treated to Pizza For Their Help

By Tim Gardner

On March 4th, three inmates in the Avery County Jail in Newland rapidly came to the aid of a Detention Officer when another inmate attacked the officer in the main cell block of the Avery County Jail.

Inmate Daniel Bledsoe attacked an Avery Detention officer knocking him to the ground and reportedly began trying to choke the officer.

The name of the detention officer was not released.

Without any hesitation, the three inmates, Jonathan Potter, Colby Flynn and Gustavo Rojas, helped the detention officer and assisted other detention officers in getting Bledsoe under control.

Bledsoe has been charged with this assault on the detention officer and has a previous assault charge pending against another detention officer.

Avery County Sheriff Kevin Frye said he wanted to personally thank each of three inmates for coming to the aid of the detention officer. Frye added that every inmate in the Avery County Jail is treated with respect if they will allow it by their attitudes and actions, and that he believes the mostly positive interactions officers have with inmates produces respect for the officers as well.

For helping the assaulted detention officer, Avery Chief Jailer Tracey Buchanan said Potter, Flynn and Rojas will be treated to a special meal of their choice, which is pizza.