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‘If You Love Me Get Me Fixed’; The Watauga Humane Society Offers February $15 Spay/Neuter Special

by Madison V. Fisler

Feb. 18, 2014. Kitten and puppy season is here, and shelters across North Carolina are finding their kennels full. To help to remedy this problem, the Watauga Humane Society in Boone has announced their $15 Spay/Neuter special, where you can get your furry friend fixed for just $15.

imgresThe funds for the special come from S.N.I.P.S., a campaign with the Humane Society that raises funds for low-cost spays and neuters, said Susan King of the Watauga Humane Society.

“Shelters are always full of kittens and puppies, so hopefully getting them fixed early in the year will help make a difference for the rest of the year and next year,” King said. 

Check out these spay/neuter facts courtesy of the Watauga Humane Society.

  • In six years, one un-spayed female dog and her un-spayed offspring can theoretically produce 67,000 dogs.
  • One un-spayed female cat and one un-neutered male cat and their offspring can result in 420,000 kittens in 7 years.
  • A female cat can have 29 litters in 10 years.
  • A male cat can sire as many as 2,500 kittens in a single year, and a male dog can sire almost as many puppies.
  • Only 1 in 9 cats and dogs born in the US will find homes.

In the summer of 2012, Watauga Humane Society’s spay/neuter committee was reorganized and became “SNIPS”, an acronym for Spay-Neuter Is a Positive Solution” whose mission it is to raise money for the Watauga Humane Society community assistance fund, allowing the Adoption Center to further reduce low cost spay/neuter surgery services. 

To this end, SNIPS members create and sell a variety of original arts and crafts at fairs and contact tables throughout the community, with 100 percent of proceeds going to Spay/Neuter projects. 

“To make an appointment, pet owners just need to call 264-7865,” said King. “Then, owners just have to take their pet to the shelter on the day of their appointment and then pick them up after their surgery.”

For more information about the special, or about the Watauga Humane Society, click here. Call and schedule your appointment while funds last.