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Husband and Wife Duo Finer Bring Electro-Pop Rock to Bald Guy Brew on King Street in Boone on April 8

By Rachel Emily Auton

March 28, 2014. Ethan James and Stacy Basner are not only married to each other, but also married to the music they create together as Finer, electronic pop-rock husband and wife duo. Finer are set to play Bald Guy Brew on King Street at 7 p.m. on April 8 with local folksters and opening act Redleg Husky. 

Influenced by everything from salsa to The Police and Dave Matthews Band, Finer features James on bass and Basner on vocals and lead guitar to produce a characteristic, energetic sound. 

pic-016-finer-rock-band“We like the kind of big rocking sound but with other elements in it,” said Basner.

“Ethan plays salsa and jazzy stuff as well so we try to work those styles in.”

Of their performances, Finer says they strive towards high-energy and crowd participation. 

“Our songs are really poppy and interactive, we like to get our audiences really involved,” said Basner. 

“When you’re coming to a Finer show, you should be expecting everyone getting together.” 

Finer’s Bald Guy Brew show, their first in Boone, is promoting their new album Magic ‘Til The End. 

“We recorded that album while we were traveling on the road,” said Basner. 

Finer recorded tracks wherever they could, sometimes in bedrooms, clubhouses and even in Sam Ash music store, said Basner. 

“The album has a lot of energy recorded because we were like ‘oh, we only have three hours here’ or ‘an hour there,'” said Basner. 

Finer is currently on the road as a part of their tour for Magic ‘Til The End.  Though the nomadic musician lifestyle can be draining, Finer makes downtime and non-music related conversations a priority. 

“You kind of have to find the balance and not be too hard on each other, you have to enjoy it when you can,” said Basner. 

“The most important thing to remember is when we get on stage that this is the fun time, that this is why we do everything.”

Audiences can come experience Finer’s fun April 8th with Redleg Husky at 7 p.m. in Bald Guy Brew. 

For more information on Finer, visit their website here.