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Hound Ears Real Estate Reports Banner Year

Jan. 9, 2015. Hound Ears Club Real Estate demonstrated once again why it offers the highest elevation of real-estate service to one of the top private communities in the High Country.

In 2014, Hound Ears Real Estate served as either the listing or selling firm for 17 out of 21 total homes at Hound Ears Club, representing 81 percent of total real-estate activity in 2014.

The firm, which employs Director of Real Estate John Morris as Broker in Charge, served as the selling firm for $6.1 million of the total $8.5 million in sales volume for 2014 — representing 72 percent of total sales volume for the private mountain community.

“We could not be happier with our success in 2014,” Morris said. “We’re confident this banner year is just a preview of even better things to come in 2015.” Morris added that the firm’s success also contributes to the success of Hound Ears Club since the firm is a department of the club.

“Because 2014 was amazing in terms of sales, Hound Ears Real Estate will be contributing a six-figure amount to the Club’s capital reserves,” he said, which in turn mitigates capital assessment needs. “What’s good for Hound Ears Real Estate is good for Hound Ears Club.”

Morris’ enthusiasm for Hound Ears Real Estate is shared by its clients. Dr. James McLean Love of Greensboro lauded the firm for the professional manner in which it handled the listing, marketing and recent sale of his home at Hound Ears Club.

“[Hound Ears Real Estate’s] expertise, experience as well as their straightforward and reassuring manner made me very comfortable with our decisions in dealing with interested buyers and the new owners,” Love said. “As first-time sellers they thoughtfully educated us regarding the market’s limitations and correctly forecasted the approximate time to sell.”

Working with Morris and Realtor Meghan Kress, the Love’s opened their home to the community during the Club’s 50th Anniversary Claus Moberg Tour of Homes in July 2014. The Tour highlighted homes designed by legendary architect Moberg, who added a unique Bavarian theme to Hound Ears’ homes from the Club’s inception in 1964.

“The feedback from those [Tour] visitors was excellent and no doubt made our home a topic of conversation among potential buyers.”

Reflecting the firm’s flexibility, Hound Ears Real Estate facilitated the sale of homes from as high as $995,000 to smaller homes and condos in the $250,000-$400,000 range in 2014.

“We offer the same level of real-estate professionalism to the least expensive property sale up to the peak of mountain luxury homes,” Morris said.

For more information about Hound Ears Real Estate, call 828-963-4301 or e-mail jmorris@houndears.com. For more information, visit the Hound Ears Club website at houndears.com.