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Horn in the West to Have First Female Actress Play a Male Part

An infantry soldier in His Majesty’s Army gets promoted to Captain! As Horn in the West is halfway through its 68th season, the cast had to have a shift in actors. Due to some unforeseen circumstances pertaining to the show, we have had the opportunity to give a promotion to one of our female actors! The fearsome villain of the show, Captain Mackenzie, modeled after Captain Ferguson, a Scottish Officer in the British Army is played by Horn alumni Christopher Morrow. Also returning to the Horn stage for her second year is Corlina Kiernan. Corlina is known to the Horn stage as Mackenzie’s right-hand man. But now, as this big shift in actors has come upon us, we needed to find an understudy for Mackenzie. Through a long conversation among the Horn production staff, there was only one person who seemed the be the right fit. It would be Corlina herself to step into the role and help her cast. Corlina was the most qualified out of all the ensemble cast to portray Mackenzie. She is a co-fight captain for the cast and she is known for her skill of playing both male and female parts. Horn in the West will not alter Kermit Hunter’s script and change the gender of Captain Mackenzie, as he is based off a historical character. There were no female British Officers in the revolutionary war era. However, this will be the very first time in all of Horn history to cast a female as a male role.

The biggest issue with finding Captain Mackenzie’s understudy was the fights. Choreographed by David Reed, the fights are too advanced for a beginner to master them. Corlina has already taken a leadership position as co-fight captain under David Reed. She was the most logical choice for ease of transition.

So, what can you expect from Corlina’s performance? While Chris Morrow plays a captain who is brutish and cruel, that cannot fit Corlina’s type or acting style. The new villain approach is a refined gentleman who is smugly sadistic. Incredibly excited, Corlina is preparing for her first lead role ever. She has had less than two weeks to learn the fights and lines. And while she has always had her eye on the role since her first year at Horn in the West, she understood if the board members would not welcome the idea of a female in a male’s role. But considering it is mid-season, and director Britton Corry did not want to stress out anyone in the cast, Corlina stepped up to take on this responsibility.

Incredibly honored and humbled that this is so accepted. For the sake of the show and the rest of the run, this is something that she really wanted to do. Corlina welcomes you to come out to see her portray the role. Corlina will be Captain Mackenzie July 24-July 28. Horn in the West’s 68th season runs every night except Monday nights at 8 pm. Gates open at 7:30 pm. The last date of the shows will be August 10.

Corlina Kiernan in her Captain Mackenzie costume.
Christopher Morrow, Captain Mackenzie actor with Corlina Kiernan, new Captain Mackenzie understudy!