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Hit-An-Run Into Deputy Leads To Pursuit, Passenger Fleeing Across Watauga River

By Jesse Wood

Clayton Monroe Shook, 30, was arrested on Tuesday afternoon following a hit-and-run accident involving a Watauga County Sheriff’s Office deputy and Shook, a passenger, escaping initially across the Watauga River.

A deputy was traveling southbound on N.C. 105 when a vehicle struck the deputy’s vehicle in the rear, according to a shift report. The deputy activated his lights and siren and pursued the Buick down N.C. 105.

When the vehicle quickly turned onto Grandfather Road, Shook, a passenger in the backseat, fled the car and jumped down an embankment toward Watauga River. The deputy pursued the vehicle down Grandfather Road, and the vehicle eventually came to a stop.

As the deputy remained with the vehicle and the occupants, deputies and a K-9 unit with the Avery County Sheriff’s Office assisted in searching for Shook.

Shook got away that afternoon, likely losing the scent of the canine by crossing the water, but the Avery County Sheriff’s Office later arrested Shook, booking him at about 11 p.m.

Shook had several orders-for-arrest prior to fleeing on Tuesday. He was listed as having charges for DWI and probation violation. The driver also had an order-for-arrest for probation violation.

The Watauga County Sheriff’s Office thanked contributing agencies, Avery County Sheriff’s Office, Seven Devils Police Department and Sugar Mountain Police Department, for assisting in the chase and manhunt.