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Hip-Hop Collaborative Free the Optimus Opens Ears and Minds at Boone Saloon Jan. 30 as Part of Just Bust Tour

by Nikka Hronis

 Jan. 28, 2014. Hip-hop collaborative “Free The Optimus,” will make a stop in Boone on Thursday, Jan. 30. This show is part of the Just Bust Tour with Atlanta based emcee, Quanstar.  

Performing at Boone Saloon, Free The Optimus will be joined by A-plus of the nineties hip-hop group Souls of Mischief, C. Shreve the Professor, Quanstar & Evaready Raw, with an opening act from Greensboro MC, C. Pitt. 

Chris Shreve (C. Shreve the Professor), who is also a professor at Appalachian State University, founded Free The Optimus in 2007 with the help of artists Ill Will and Phil Dangerous, and through their determination and creativity expanded the project to include a variety of other artists.

Free The Optimus focuses on combining lyricism and masterful soundscapes to create tracks that can transcend some of the materialistic constraints of hip-hop today, and instead provide a powerful message. 

Shreve says concertgoers can, “expect positive lyrical hip-hop, and lots of it.” 

Shreve has added a greater variety of sounds in his latest album, Professing Volume 2, and describes it as having an early nineties sound.

It is always exciting to see talented artists join forces to create musical genius, but it is something even greater when they’ve united under one vision and liberating mindset. 

“The vision of Free the Optimus has honed in over time, but it remains true to what it was when we began,” Shreve said.

“It’s the idea of freeing your optimal ability while also freeing your optimistic perspective. If you think positively, you can transform yourself and the world around you. It’s easy to be pulled into being just another cog in the wheel of the system–you don’t have to. You can think outside the box and be who ever you want. Free your mind.”

 A Boone local, Shreve doubles as Appalachian State Professor by day and enlightening hip-hopper by night.

 “At one point I kept them very separate, but now I embrace it,” Shreve said.

 “I really like to encourage both students and listeners to open their minds and think outside of the box. Question the things that are told to you.”

 The show will take place at the Boone Saloon located at 489 West King Street in Boone at 10 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 30. The show is for guests 21 and up with a cover charge of $5.

Check out these videos of Free the Optimus: