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High South Event Professionals Held Networking Event, Wedding and Event Industry Booming this Summer

On Monday, June 26, High South Event Professionals held an event for everyone within the wedding and event industry in the High Country at the White Fence Farm, a beautiful event venue a mere 15 minutes from Boone.

“Every other month, we have a meeting at a different venue to highlight different vendors,” Denise Lovin, Owner of White Fence Farm and Board Member of High South Event Professionals, said. “That way people within the profession can experience the different services that are prominent within the community.”

This month’s event definitely helped provide that networking opportunity for businesses and people within the event industry. Through this, people within the profession can make connections with one another, as well as become educated on the types of services and businesses within the same, or similar, fields.

“All of us vendors are connecting within the community so that we can serve everyone looking for assistance for an event in the area,” Elizabeth Hempfling, President of the High South Event Professionals, said. “When we are connected with other businesses, we are building bonds and teams, and we perform so much better that way.”

The people and businesses in attendance at this networking get-together ranged anywhere from photographers to DJs to pastry chefs and people specializing in stationary – it was open to members of the High South Event Professionals, and this included so many facets of the profession.

“We have a great deal of local talent within the community here,” Hempfling said.

The wedding industry in the High Country is doing spectacularly this summer season, with many venues doing multiple weddings in one weekend alone.

“It’s doing a lot of great things for restaurants, hotels, small businesses and things like that,” Hempfling said. “People come to the mountains for that relaxed, old world charm experience, and when it comes to the personality and lifestyle of the High Country, we are able to share that through a wedding or an event for people.”

The High Country is also home to multiple wedding and event venues that are a stunning and picturesque representation of those dream mountain weddings that people adore.

One of these venues is the White Fence Farm, the event venue where the most recent High South Event Professionals meeting was held. It’s a 100-acre farm that is used for events, weddings and retreats. It also can serve as a vacation rental, offering a farmhouse and vintage campers.

Along with this, there is a rustic barn that can be used as an event space, with the ceiling being made up by the street signs that the Farm makes for every couple that is married at the White Fence Farm.

“Every time we have a wedding, we will make a rustic barn sign to put out on the road with the couple’s names,” Lovin said. “Then we save those signs. We have signs dating back from 2012.”

Because it is very quiet and private, with that spacious, rustic feel to it, the White Fence Farm gives weddings, or any event, that perfect experience that everyone is looking for.

“It’s just a perfect fit for the area,” Lovin said. “It shows off our beautiful landscape, the rustic heritage of the area, the nature and wildflowers, a pond, some cows on site. It really appeals to the kind of person that’s looking to get married in the mountains.”

If you’re interested in touring White Fence Farm, Lovin is more than happy to show anyone around. Contact the Farm by calling 828-964-6767 or visiting the website

For more information about High South Event Professionals, visit its website

White Fence Farm was the perfect venue for the High South Event Professional’s networking event.

White Fence Farm is surrounded by nature, including plants, a pond and some cows.
Tents that can be set up for any event
The barn
The rustic barn will bring the High Country mountain experience to life.
The rustic barn provides a lot space, no matter what event you’re planning.
Denise and Fulton Lovin, owners of White Fence Farm
The roof of the barn is made up of street signs created for couples that have been married at White Fence Farm.

There is also an option to rent out tents and tables.
There is plenty of parking at White Fence Farm, as well as privacy and seclusion for any event.
The farmhouse

The farmhouse can be rented out for guests, as well as rented out for a vacation home.
The farmhouse
The farmhouse
The farmhouse
The farmhouse