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TODAY: High Country WATCH Organizing Rally Against Rainbow Trail Asphalt Plant at 4:30 p.m.

High Country WATCH (Wataugans Against Toxins Close to Home) is hoping to make their voices heard loud and clear with a protest on April 16. 

The public demonstration/protest rally organizers are asking everyone to wear green and be at the Watauga Courthouse, located at 814 W. King St. on April 16 at 4:30 p.m. immediately prior to the County Commissioners’ 5:30 meeting. The public is encouraged to attend the demonstration and lend support to commissioners as they seek a solution. Individuals can speak during the public comment at the meeting and write the county commissioners.

A group of concerned citizens, environmental groups and affected property owners gathered to discuss options following the recent Supreme Court ruling that seems to give permission for Radford Quarries to move forward with plans for an asphalt plant on Rainbow Trail in the middle of a neighborhood and near several schools, which stand less than one mile from the proposed site including Hardin Park Elementary, Grace Academy and Boone United Methodist Preschool. 

This high impact facility would be in the front and back yards of families who will see property values fall and their health compromised by tons of toxic emissions. Appalachian State University and downtown Boone will also be within the two-mile toxic fall out zone for excessive amounts of heavy toxins and air pollutants. Traffic issues on Highway 194 are also imminent concerns, along with the water pollution threat to the ASU water intake and a multitude of streams flowing into the South Fork of the New River.

In addition to the immediate issues with the Radford Rainbow Trail asphalt plant and the proposed Maymead plant on the Doc & Merle Watson Scenic By-way (U.S. Highway 421) in Deep Gap, it is clear that the County Commissioners must implement a firm and swift approach to limiting high impact development in Watauga County. The citizens of Watauga County have the right to expect and demand protections for their health, their kids’ health and their homes and the local environment’s beautiful mountains and streams. The government officials need to hear everyone’s voices and ensure these protections by whatever means possible. So, what can you do? Let your voice be heard!

Write your County Commissioners and attend the April 16 4:30pm rally!

John Welch John.Welch@watgov.org

Billy Kennedy Billy.Kennedy@watgov.org

Charlie Wallin Charlie.Wallin@watgov.org

Larry Turnbow Larry.Turnbow@watgov.org

Perry Yates Perry.Yates@watgov.org

High Country WATCH (Wataugans Against Toxins Close to Home) a non- profit citizens’ group dedicated to environmental protection and responsible development.

Join them at: https://www.facebook.com/highcountrywatch/