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High Country Wakes Up To Chilly Temps, RaysWeather: Crossnore Low at 32 Degrees

By Jesse Wood

I’ve held off firing up the woodstove for the first time of the season the past few nights and kind of regretted by the morning. But there’s plenty more time to do that in the days, weeks and months ahead – including tomorrow.

“It’s the chilliest morning we’ve experienced since mid-May (which isn’t saying much). Crossnore, one of our ‘cold holes’, is the champ with a morning low of 32°. Wake-up temperatures will be similar once again Wednesday morning,” noted RaysWeather.com in a Tuesday morning post.

Earlier this week, RaysWeather.com noted that the first frost had been about two weeks behind when it normally arrives in the High Country.

“This late into October we wouldn’t typically call this morning “chilly”. However, since we’re still recovering from a warm summer hangover this morning is ‘chilly,’” RaysWeather.com wrote.

See some of the low temperatures around the High Country this morning below. Notice that the higher elevations were warmer than the lower valleys.

  • Banner Elk: 34.9
  • Beech Mountain: 43.4
  • Boone: 36.8 degrees
  • Blowing Rock: 40 degrees
  • Foscoe: 37.2
  • Linville: 39.1
  • Snake Mountain 48.8
  • Valle Crucis: 37.5
  • Deep Gap: 33.4
  • Zionville: 41.3
  • Sugar Mountain (top): 42.8
  • Crossnore: 32