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High Country Press’ ‘Sixth Day of Spring…’ Video Looping on The Weather Channel Wednesday Morning

By Jesse Wood

March 27, 2013. High Country Press‘ “Sixth Day of Spring…” video has been featured on the The Weather Channel all morning, according to emails and phone calls to the office this morning. 

imgres“I was just sitting there this morning and bam, there it was. I just busted out laughing. I couldn’t believe they put that up there,” Wanda Hickman of Mulberry, Wilkes County, said, adding that she has seen it three times this morning. “It was a surprise. It was funny.” 

She added that the video was fitting because the current trending topic in the weather world is the un-springlike weather occurring a week after the winter season officially ended – at least on paper that is. 

The meteorologist moderating the video wasn’t too kind, playfully joking about our harsh-on-the-ears serenade. 

“Just keep taking those singing lessons is all I have to say,” Hickman laughed. 

Here’s a video featuring us on The Weather Channel: IMG_0144

Watch the video and lyrics below: 


On the sixth day of spring Mother Nature brought to me:
Six snow plows,
five inches of snow,
four spinning tires,
three cars in the ditch,
two times the electric bill,
and another … missed … day … of school