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The Team at High Country Press Announces the Brand New Website BooneNCinfo.com; The Comprehensive Online Companion for the Magazine and Visitors Guide

High Country Press celebrates the official launch of BooneNCInfo. From left to right: News Editor Jesse Wood, A&E Editor Madison V. Fisler, Art Director Debbie Carter, Publisher Ken Ketchie and Webmaster Jacob Voigt

May 1, 2014. Boone-based High Country Press Publications is proud to announce today’s launch of www.BooneNCinfo.com, a digital companion to our popular, seasonal visitor guides published each summer, fall and winter.

BooneNCinfo.com is now the go-to resource for everything to do in the High Country, whether it pertains to excursions along the Blue Ridge Parkway, local attractions, arts & entertainment and the many fabulous places to shop and dine that exist in Valle Crucis, Banner Elk, Linville, Blowing Rock, Jefferson, Boone and other scenic townships in the High Country.

The launch of this website comes two years after publisher Ken Ketchie created the community webpaper www.HCPress.com. This new project spawned at the beginning of the year when graphic artist-turned-webmaster Jacob Voigt created the platform and Ketchie began combing through an endless archive of photos that accumulated during High Country Press’ – so far – nine-year history.

“We’ve learned a lot since we introduced HCPress.com two years ago. We learned the World Wide Web can be fun, and it’s a great new way to share information,” publisher Ken Ketchie said. “We made our deadline of having our new website ready for launch by May 1st, but we still have much more to complete and much more to add.”

The website is photo centric and includes all of the important details for each activity, adventure or destination such as directions, phone numbers, dates and times. When building the website, Voigt noted that his main objective was to create a clean, easy-to-use website that is mobile friendly.

“The mobile-friendly aspect is important because most people visiting the High Country probably have a smart phone and not a computer handy,” Voigt said. “It’s nice to have a visitors guide right at your fingertips.”

BooneNCinfo.com Editor Madison Fisler, who is also the arts & entertainment editor for HCPress.com, became excited while compiling the long list of events for the new website. “In my research for this website, I found all kinds of new things I didn’t even know about, and it’s my job to know about these things!” Fisler said. “It has been educational, to say the least, and I’m excited to get this out there so the rest of the residents and visitors can utilize it as a resource. It really is a comprehensive source for all the events, attractions and experiences to be had in this area, large and small.”

News Editor for High Country Press Jesse Wood had similar thoughts when compiling the plethora of outdoor adventure activities in the area. With the Blue Ridge Parkway, four state parks and dozens of community parks, the adventures in nature are endless.

“This is going to be a spectacular resource for everyone,” Wood said. “Not only will BooneNCinfo.com serve as an introduction of what the High Country offers to visitors, it will remind residents of the four seasons of outdoor adventure opportunities that exist just down the road.

Along with a compilation of arts and entertainment, outdoor adventures and local attractions, BooneNCinfo.com features an in-depth listing of our advertising partners operating restaurants and shops in the area. Art Director Debbie Carter, who compiled the listing of advertisers, noted that much of the information came from last year’s visitors guide and the entire website is a work in progress.

“As our new visitor guide comes out this summer, we’ll be updating all of this information,” Carter said. “We encourage our advertisers to give us a call and give us their input.”

For more information, click to www.BooneNCinfo.com or call High Country Press office at 828-264-2262.