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High Country Invasive Plant Seminar: A Call For All Residents to Take on the Invaders!

There are several groups working in the high country to stop the threat of non-native invasive species. However, this issue is much larger than any one organization and needs the help of every landowner! Once you start looking, it is shocking how many invasive plants are spreading through neighborhoods, wooded areas and farms in the high country. Homeowners can help by identifying and removing the spread of invasive plant species in their own yard before it becomes too late. High country invasives

Invasive exotic plants have a tendency to spread vigorously and if left unattended can quickly overtake native species and disrupt habitats. They spread by birds eating seeds and dropping the seeds, wind, stormwater runoff, creek flow and humans. Before you know it, invasives can choke out desirable plants leaving a real mess.

Join Mountain Trues invasive plant expert and Ecologist, Bob Gale on March 26, 2015 from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. at the Watauga County Agricultural Conference Center in Boone to learn from his 10 years of experience on eradicating invasive plants on the farm, in the forest, and your backyard. During this workshop, participants will get hands–on experience identifying invasive plants, not just by their blooms, but by other features that stand out so you can be certain you have the right plant at any time of the year. Bob will also go over the best methods for eradicating them. This workshop is free, but we request that you call the Watauga County Cooperative Extension at (828) 264-3061 to register so that we have enough materials for all participants.